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Glenn Beck and his missing link of economic thought

Every time Glenn Beck gets close to understanding and explaining what is currently happening in the world economy, he misses the point. Because he never mentions the most important 3 little words: “Fractional Reserve Banking”, I know he doesn’t get it. He creates this missing link just like Darwin when there is no need for it in banking. Until you know and understand how banks and the cartel works, you will NEVER get it. You can’t understand where inflation comes from, how a gold standard works, how much a farce the “financial deregulation of the 80’s” was and how it created the current inflation though disintermediation.

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Maybe he doesn't "get it".

It wouldn't be the first thing Beck "doesn't get".

Even if he did, I doubt Fox would allow him to actually say it on the air.

He might even be arrested as a "terrorist" for "undermining the faith in the currency". After seeing what they did to NotHaus, and what they are doing to Manning, it seems they will do just about anything.