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I've been with DP for over three years, so I'm not new to the site, but sometimes I think I should search for a different site for intelligent debate.

Not attacking anyone person and certainly I know of people on here that are looking critical inquiry, but I find most all of my post are down voted. The thing about my posts is that they are almost always questions, I want to learn about what other people think and so I ask lots of questions. Now having been this way all my life I am very used to people not liking it when you question what they believe, but I thought supporters of RP would be different, embracing honest debate.

What is a good site for critical thinking people?

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I was on rpforums during the campaign and switched to here. It got way to conspiracy laden after the election. Ease up some and have an open mind is the best advice I could offer you. This is a tough crowd. My ideas have been shot down over and over. Don't expect your ideas to win just because u think they are correct. At least here I know people will be fair and honest. I don't take this site for granted.

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RPF became too conspiracy laden...so you came here?!

I've been operating under the converse premise.

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"Critical Inquiry"

If you are looking to argue, go to Infowars.com.
If you are looking for a blog that talks economics, go to Zero Hedge, Max Keiser, or 321 Gold.
Blacklisted News just started accepting comments...that might be a good site to check out.

If you REALLY want to argue, get with Leonard Pitts at the Miami Herald, or 'Democracy Now'. These are great duolopoly-promoting sites, much like McCain's site was during the 2008 selection.

If you want to sit back and watch movies that stimulate your mind with 'critical inquiry', try 'Documentary Wire', Dprogram Films', or Wide Eye Cinema'.

For general information, Jeff Rense or Information Liberation are a couple of good picks, or you could log on to Media Monarchy, read the stories, and link to the links, research, or media sections.

Did you think that Ron Paul supporters would be DISONEST, or something ("...but I thought supporters of RP would be different, embracing honest debate...")? Uhat seems to be your 'take'.

3 years, huh?
What's with the birthyear number after your name, by the way? I gotta tell you, lots of trolls out there (governmental types) seem to be using their 'facebook' account names (which include their birthyear at the end), as the DOD tells them to...

3 years, huh?
Oh, yeah...try a little Lew Rockwell, Steve Quayle, or 'Millenium Ark', for fun.

you mean

there's other web sites?

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Informative website

I love DailyPaul. But I also enjoy, and you you might like, DailyBell, a freemarket, Austrian Economics-based daily interpretation of the news through the lens of elite meme-watching, written by Anthony Wile and a staff of Swiss elves which has attracted many intelligent feed-backers. Interviews of people in the hard money, libertarian, freedom movement are included each week.



this place is a "tough crowd".

My observation is that the closer you are to "mainstream views" on either side, the more opposition you get from most members.
It's like a "filter" which casts off the mainstream baggage, and if anyone carries any in, they get to try to justify it.

And that's one of my favorite things about the site. People get challenged about their views. Things don't just get "accepted" as face value. The views must hold water or they don't get too far here.

Maybe not everyone feels comfortable in that atmosphere. I happen to like it. It's a very good atmosphere for self-inspection and sharpening your debating, and even maybe changing your views. It's not so good for just stating a cause and not being able to back it up, because emotional arguments don't get far here.

So, it is what it is. I like it just as it is. I get challenged regularly, and I get the opportunity to see if my POV can "cut the mustard" or not, when I debate people here who know what they are talking about. It's good for me.
"Iron sharpeneth iron", as it were.

I have much improved my skills, and honed my POV points, and cast away much of the baggage that I had, since I've been here. I learn alot, and it's my everyday news source. It's up to the minute on nearly everything. People here know alot about alot of things, and every subject under the sun can be discussed with people who are experts in their fields, because we have such a broad cross-section of people in our membership.

I can't think of anywhere else on the web that gives me all of this. Yes, you have to be fairly thick-skinned, because people don't let things slide if the idea can't be adequately defended. I think that's a "plus", and not a "minus".


Or redundant questions?

You wrote: "The thing about my posts is that they are almost always questions, I want to learn about what other people think and so I ask lots of questions."

Questions are great, and I don't think anyone here will vote you down for asking them. However, when you are in the midst of an intelligent debate (which is what you claim you want), I notice you tend to ask the same question, slightly altered, after several people have given you their thoughtful responses and you apparently don't agree.

Are you looking for an echo? Because I see you getting honest debate from people here, even when you "question what they believe" repeatedly. I also see plenty of your posts with positive votes. This isn't a popularity contest, and certainly many topics on the DP with negative votes have some of the best debate in them! :) Ignore the voting system if you find you are preoccupied with it.

A couple of your earlier posts with intelligent & honest debate, for example:



I think you have had a fine reception here, perfectly normal, with people willing to answer your question, debate points you want to debate... Perhaps in some of your "debates" you are confusing fact with feeling and need to separate the two. But I doubt you will find an overall more open, accepting, intelligent, tolerant and learned crowd at any other site.

You wrote: "Now having been this way all my life I am very used to people not liking it when you question what they believe"

So you are looking for something different than... what, exactly? If you have been digging a hole downward and not finding anything new, yet when you stop digging down and start digging in another place, yet still find the same thing... Perhaps it is your shovel? Or your metal detector? :)

Good luck with what you decide to do.

Try something real

Try going to church? - meet with real people...

DailyPaul is mainly a place for promoting constitutional conservatism and discussing it...

You can't have true community interactions on a website. You can try, and we all do (try). But with the veil of the internet you can hide your sin and pretend to be something you are not.

Check out http://iroots.org/
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Try going to church

That is a good answer!


lets try it.

What questions has this happened with?
Debate me on something. I think this community is ten times better than others.

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I don't get all my questions answered too but I think

that is normal.

I believe that if the question is inside a comment it has more of a chance of not getting answered compared to having it as the main OP.

What typr genre questions? For a specific it is worth hitting sites that are specific in that one exclusive area.


is another one.

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Can't blog..... but

lewrockwell.com, antiwar.com, and realityzone.com are three sites that have incredibly written articles and make you think every day.

So if you want answers and you want to excercise your brain I would check them out. If you just want to be answered individually and blog and be noticed for your efforts...... I'd stick it out here, .........or not........

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Daily Paul is the best

# 2 is:

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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What is a good site for critical thinking people?

www.DAILYPAUL.com is my favorite site for critical thinking people. :-)