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Women protesters strip naked for Bradley Manning in San Francisco!

Women protesters in San Francisco take their clothes off in solidarity with Bradley Manning:


10 Ways You Can Help Save Bradley Manning:

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Incredibly brave. So many

Incredibly brave. So many outrages - so few willing to actively object.

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Love to see the naysayers

Why don't you do something better for Bradley Manning and post it. Otherwise, maybe you should keep your comments to yourselves. They are intending on killing this kid. What are you going to do about it?

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I saw with my own eyes that CP was running ads on Muslim Brotherhood sites. Are they or are they not opposed to our freedom loving way of life?

Too bad they look like Cindy

Too bad they look like Cindy Sheehan as well. Just my luck :( How come there are never any hot protesters who strip down?

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"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr


come on Scott
these are the most beautiful people the most beautiful souls in America.

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Come on this isn't about

Come on this isn't about getting your hotdog roasted! This is about making a statement, I think any "body" that takes their clothes off publicly are at the top of my bravery list. Kudos to them and as a libertarian I recommend you find a good porn site for your visual needs and entertainment : )

You know a large

section of the population (including myself) is not going to find strippers as good PR.

geez dude

yout think those were strippers?

who cares what people think. Code PINK has more balls than most of us.
I used to hate Code Pink, but with my eyes opened up, I wonder. Maybe cindy sheehan isnt the nutbag I thought.

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Its the way they presented themselves

Is it wrong for the government to strip its prisoners naked. yes.

Is striping going to make people more aware of it. Some.

Will a heck of a lot of people miss the point. Yes.

If you are going to do PR over something then you dont want a large portion of people to miss what you are doing. I think this is a messed up pr attempt.

Good PR not intended

They were demonstrating the exact type of humiliation that Manning must wrongfully endure daily.

They were seeking to gain attention to his grievous treatment as a political prisoner, not to make a name for themselves, by making a spectacle of themselves in a way they would never want anyone else to do to them.

The point is, neither would we, nor should we, allow this abuse to be done against Bradley Manning any more than we would against ourselves.

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But wraiththirteen, how about . . .

the FORCED stripping of Bradley Manning by Obm - sanctioned jail keepers?

Will a large section of the population (including yourself) object to THAT?!?


Wonderful women. Thank you !!

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
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WOW! Only if Bradley M could SEE these stripped ladies!

"Save Bradley Manning!"
"Whistle for Bradley Manning!"
"Shame Dianne Feinstein (for doing nothing for BM)!"

All powers to San Francisco Pink brigade!

Thank you for the bump

We need to make this video go viral -- it would help get the word out about Bradley to the public.

I Pray Drudge Report posts this vid top of their page!!!

pls God help*))

p.s. I send it on Twitter & to Drudge.

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