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Gary Johnson Op-Ed on Libya

Gary Johnson wrote an op-ed on Libya that appeared in the Washington Times yesterday titled "Here we go again - Intervention in Middle East civil wars is a fool’s game
". Since there are many here who seem to think Johnson is a neo-con/pro-war/interventionist/etc, I suggest you check out his article.

Link - http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/mar/24/here-we-go-a...

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Maybe not perfect...

..but unlike Rand, Governor Johnson has eight years of executive experience in office in New Mexico.

PaulJohnson2012 still seems like our best bet.

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This could have been written

This could have been written by a Cheney aid! But let's not forget that Johnson's chief of staff, when he was the Gov. of New Mexico (Doug Turner), is now part of CFR leadership. That is the Council on Foreign Relations for those who don't know. So he may in fact have some neo-con leanings.

Who cares what Gary Johnson says anyway? Nobody even knows who the heck he is. The people in New Mexico don't even remember him.

It's Ron Paul all the way!

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

Unless Rand is going to run

the liberty-leaning candidates could get pretty thin otherwise. Johnson lacks name recognition versus Romney, for example, but I certainly won't cast my lot wit Mitt!

Good piece but is a little neo-conny

He leaves the door wide open for Unconstitutional executive war making.

This could easily be a 2000 GW Bush article. (If GW could write)

I wasn't

impressed with Johson's piece, either.
For anyone interested, the following link shows a chart (click on it to enlarge) of nations that buy Libya's oil:
(USA is at the bottom of the list for consumption)


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His article is aimed at the

His article is aimed at the Conservative base and at moderates, the people who would be in a position to get him elected, so I guess I can understand your impression, but I think your impression is unfounded.

This should be page 1

on the NY Times, LA Times and basically every Conservative AND Liberal web site.

good find

Thanks for posting.

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