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Can the Saudis save the U.S. economy?

I couldn't resist posting this when I saw this paragraph, especially the last sentence. They must be getting desperate when they resort to telling the truth.

"While U.S. President Barack Obama has been outspoken in his support of rebels in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, his administration has been less forceful in supporting protests in Saudi Arabia's sphere of influence. The Saudis had previously expressed disapproval of America's abandonment of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak. This is realpolitik at work. Only so much newfound freedom can be tolerated when oil is at stake."

"Realpolitik"- Democracy is for saps, gimme some more crude!

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No but, revoking the Federal Reserve charter and

releasing the Tesla technology can and will. No charging interest on fictional money and free energy. Think about it !!

That is a Canadian-based web

That is a Canadian-based web site, so your perception of it "telling the truth" may be colored by the local opinion.