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Sherrif Joe uses a TANK to break up a chicken coop

[Linked from LewRockwell.com ]

America's favorite insane policeman is using TANKS in the global war on chickens. "Lawman" Steven Seagal was there for the big show.


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Front Page Bump

Didn't this happen in Detroit as well? Where a little girl was shot and killed for an A&E TV Show?

There needs to be repercussions for improper actions. Sheriff Joe Arpaio should be arrested.

It's hard to believe

what these militaristic law enforcement do these days.

Ron Paul is My President

Crazier still

the law abiding citizens who support this sheriff's strong arm tactics because he "get's the job done" or gives the criminals "what they deserve."

Maybe this is a result of abandoning the idea of a God who sees all and will give everyone their just deserts in the next life. It becomes an obsession to control, punish and avenge in an effort to create justice in a world that seems unfair.



"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

What a crock

Every person involved in that little show for Steven Seagal should be fired. Atotal misuse of taxpayer money. Let Steven Seagal pay for this type publicity instead of taxpayers!!

Formerly rprevolutionist

just because they're using Stephen Segal in arrests

doesn't justify using tanks and spending 'tens of thousands' of taxpayers dollars to break up a cockfighting establishment. And anyone know why the birds were euthanized?
that seems like 'overkill' too.

RP R3VOLution

The justice dept has totally

The justice dept has totally abandoned its citizens. This is not seizure by rule of law. Why aren't animal activists up in arms. Police are shooting dogs, killing roosters. The police are no longer there to protect citizens. They have become the aggressors. This action is based on the same idiocy that a teacher shall detain all students after school for an undisclosed length of time just in case there is someone who did not do their homework. It's insane!

I thought the cops using a taser on a lost calf on my street was

I thought the cops using a taser on a lost calf on my street was a bit over the top.

Give boys toys and they will use them....

If it was a 1500-2000 lb

If it was a 1500-2000 lb bull. Tase the crap out of it.

But a calf(most people don't grow up in the country, so they don't know how to handle it. The worst thing that can happen is that it runs off and gets hit.)