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American City Trying To Pump Up Economy By Minting Coins

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It might have value simply in getting

people to think and experiment with local "currencies." As more experiments are tried, the ones that work best may lead to better ideas. It's just a trick but possibly a baby step toward helping localize and break the culturally hypnotic acceptance of the monopoly of a federally-centralized monetary system.

Brass Slugs

That's all they are.

And to think they just put a man in prison for selling real silver coins.

Selling Means Transfering Using Federal Reserve Notes

If you only use credit to purchase the silver coins or brass slugs and never convert the credit to federal reserve notes it is not "selling". Also if you trade corn or beans for the brass slugs it is not "selling".
Commerce "within" The United States means using their internal currency and is what they rightfully get people on. Don't use their currency and their private "laws" don't apply to you.
It really is that simple. Whose monetary system you are using determines whose jurisdiction you are acting in. Use only substance or credit and stay out of The Bank of England's jurisdiction. If you don't like their club rules don't use their club coupons.

The Oracle

More info...

great find

Thanks -- I was looking for more info into this.

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