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Judge flees courtroom - caught on tape.


New Hampshire liberty activists swarm a Mass. courtroom after one of their own was abducted by police for camcording them.

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I have seen this before...

I have seen this before... I'm surprised you were not charged with contempt of court. The judge did not flee as I saw it. She refused to hear the case. Your headline is misleading. If you feel this is an effective way to go...Good luck!

Flee Flee

The light is shining upon you, you must flee.


I was at court for a foreclosure

couple weeks ago.

15 staff, judge, banks lawyer:
Play their little game "...house has been on market for__ days... we feel the court should accept this offer..."

Whenever a lawyer comes in they do a little bow like they are going sit at a catholic pew. What is that?

If we do not have the right

to expose crimes of the supposed law enforcers then we have no potection from them abusing that power. Film away!

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

This is misleading with no

This is misleading with no facts or details. I've seen courts where the accused were so rude and disrespectful, the judge left which means he/she refused to hear the case. Actually, I'm surprised the accused was not charged with contempt of court. This action seems disingenuous, sophomoric and ineffective.

Re: This is misleading with no


What is there to be respecting? That is the whole point of this. Those guys risked a hell of a lot and intentionally set themselves up to go to court to mock and expose a system that is increasingly getting out of control as it groaps for more and more power. Respect that? I don't think so.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

The Reason The "Judges" Flee is Becuse on Land The People of The

Land are The Law (Law of The Land). The Admiralty courts these crooks run are just slave trading businesses set up in occupied "territories". If the people of a Land don't want to be slaves they have the lawful authority to throw the pirates back into The Sea or hang them for kidnapping and selling men.
In other words, The Law showed up in Masssachusets and the crook fled.
This is not new, been going on for thousands of years. The ships rail is clearly visible in Their courtrooms. (They are not our courtrooms) it is The Bar you see between the worship pews set up on land for the native inhabitants and the deck of the vessel the judge captains. He administers The Law of The Sea (pirate code) to any inhabitants of The Land foolish enough to come aboard his vessel.

If you get these pirates off their vessels you can try them by The Law of The Land.
The penalty for kidnapping men and selling them into bondage is death.
The "captain" (land pirate) of this vessel knows The Law of The Land so when The Law showed up he fled to save his neck. This was widespread in the 1990's that is why 9/11 was planned to slow down The Patriot movement which was gaining ground against the foreign pirates and running them out of courthouses (perfectly lawfully) left and right.

U.S. Government is a foreign corporation registered in City of London set up to enslave the inhabitants of America and pirate America of it's wealth. Wake up.

The Oracle

Initially there were a

Initially there were a variety of types of courts in America but they have for all practical purposes been changed into Admiralty/Maritime courts.
Article 3, section 2, mentions “Cases, in Law and Equity” and “Cases of admiralty and maritime Jurisdiction.” The 7th Amendment also mentions “suits at common law.”
So why is this important?
When ever a human engages in a contract with the federal government, any disputes will be handled through A/M courts.
The Judge is there to simply arbitrate the merits of the contract and the constitution need not apply. In fact - the constitution provides the vehicle to allow this condition to exist.
Here's how:
Article 1 Sec 10 - No State shall enter into any Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts..
Article 3 Sec 2- The Judicial Power shall extend to all Cases of....admiralty and maritime Jurisdiction.

The very system of enslavement we fought during the American Revolution - to separate from - now enslaves us still.

We have (Most of us) engaged ourselves into a contractual nexxus that has waived any protections the constitution could provide.

This was the plan - All the King had to do was get us to sign contracts and then settle any disputes within the
vessel courts controled by England and the BAR. This same system is expanded through the states under UCC - Uniform Commerical Code.

This should make you realize - "a pen is mightier that the sword"

Fiction Fighter

Exactly! What Constitution?

The common complaint people often make, they are violating my "Constitutional Rights" is nonsense. First there are no Constitutional Rights. Second that constitution does not apply to you. Third the contract you signed such as Social Security is "within" the constitution you just joined a lower slave caste "under contract".
So the whole revolution and new constitution thing was a set up to resubject the restless colonists by a roundabout way while fooling them into thinking they were free so they would work The Plantation harder.
Kindoff sucks to realize so much of American history is a lie.

The Oracle

When confronted TPTB

Scurry like rats. Here is another example I just saw yesterday.

There is a Kinder Bus - 1pm Trafalgar Square - 26th March 2011

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Great activism is shown

in this video. We all can learn from it. Great find.

They earn their pay.

They earn their pay.

The Revolution is Now Televised