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libertarian dating website?

Anyone know if there is a libertarian dating website? Ron Paul Singles doesn't work anymore.

I'm a 41 year-old, pro-choice, anti-war, agnostic man in MN, and I'm not having any luck finding like-minded women in Minneapolis. They either don't know what a libertarian is, or they despise the very thought.

If anyone knows of any single women, I'm "HoldenC4ulfield" on OKCupid (free dating site). Send 'em my way.

Thanks DP'ers!

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Let us know

Here's a Blimp! for your post.

Let us know if you find anything. My brother (also 41, never married, no kids, regrets spending so much time on career...) would likely want to use that service over the two paid ones he's been using.

He recently told me that it seems some very left-leaning women have been lying about their political & other preferences on their profiles and matching questionnaires in order to find "matches" with men who have stable, well-paying careers, are decent people, and like/want children.

He will go on a date with these women, and realize they totally lied about everything! Like you, he would like to meet like-minded dating possibilities.

I suppose if not strictly libertarian, at least a fiscally conservative/socially liberal, non-Neo-con, non-religious dating website would be nice :)

That's too bad about RP Singles. Have you reached out to members here and at ronpaulforums.com? I wish you luck.

Edit: If any women are interested, my brother is in southern CT. ;)

Ron Paul Women Needed!

It's just so strange to me that more women in the dating world don't identify themselves as fiscally conservative/socially-liberal. Or worse, if they do, they still hate the idea of libertarianism.
It's baffling...


Okay..here you go. Try this on for size...

I'm a Ron Paul supporter, cigarette dragging, quasi-pothead who is picky about food. Can't have children but DOES still have the luxury of a spontaneous and radical menstrual cycle complete with wonderfully aggressive PMS symptoms. I'm cynical and arrogant for 50% of my usual day the other half is spent in Catholic guiltifying humilty.

I think I have ADHD and have noncompassion for the psychotically dramatic, but give them a ride once in a while to help out.


Wait! There's more! Lucky you.

My day is fly by night and not many have been able to keep up with me (Props to BFF Chris Taylor here) and can change on a dime but will give you a quarter for your thoughts for inflation purposes.

thats about it.


You should go into sales & marketing. That's quite a pitch! ;)
Gotta love the brutal honesty, though.

Yes brutal honesty

It comes from innocence being destroyed.