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How to fix Fukushima

Here are a few ideas. What would happen if?

1)Concrete booms started pouring and turned the buildings into mountains of concrete.

2)A 30 ft earthen dike is built around the complex and flooded with seawater. The entire plant could be turned into a lake.

3)Set up liquid nitrogen hoses to bathe the reactor in frozen gases until cooled.

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none of those would work

That sea water would just start exploding a lot you need really pure water to cool reactors, concrete booms wouldn't do that much at this point.

Their best hope would be to build some kind of robot that could pick up and contain the molten/melting fuels radiation to some degree and bury it really, really deep in the earth (way below anything useful), entombing it with boric acid, sand and cement. It'll eventually melt down towards the center of the earth harmlessly giving off it's radiation to microbes that eat radiation anyway, so it's a win/win for the environment.

60 Chernobyls???? Where are

60 Chernobyls???? Where are we getting figures like this????

Posted for discussion, an opposing viewpoint:


I posted last week my Nuclear Engineer sister in law's take on this, and it hasn't change much in the last week (e.g. this is all a bunch of scaremongering bullcrap).

Let's everybody calm the **** down.

This theme keeps recurring

"Fukushima scaremongers becoming increasingly desperate"

Looking into it finds that some blog somewhere said something stupid.

The story started with "fearmongers everywhere" and has grown to "fearmongers growing desperate".

This whole "fearmonger" thing is a story on to itself. Or maybe its just propaganda to persuade the gullible and distract the intelligent.

In this world of black and white the opposite is "perfectly safe." Everyone knows it's perfectly safe. Be one of us, put your faith in safe. Perfect. We should do better.

Agree or disagree and present your argument or evidence. Name-calling is not an argument but a fallacy

Free includes debt-free!

I'm leaning towards this

I'm leaning towards this "disaster" being another "never let a good crisis to go waste" moment...

Also, correction, the number quoted below was 6000 Chernobyls, not 60...

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None of your heroic & brave alternatives will work...

to stop this disaster. Fukushima is way bigger than Chernobyl. If one reactor goes, then they all go due to lethal radiation levels and the emergency evacuation, like a domino effect from Hell.

There is not enough concrete in the world, and concrete cracks if too hot. A dike would be washed away as it was being made, like a sand castle in high tide. Liquid nitrogen is also futile. Steel cracks with drastic changes in temperature, and the heat would also rapidly evaporate the nitrogen.

Also think about how many more Fukushima-50 people would have to volunteer to exposed themselves to lethal radiation with any of these three projects.

Japan has a pure physics trouble that is over 6000 Chernobyls, 6000+ cores are potentially stored there.

NOTE: On March 21, an updated set of numbers was posted here.

Based on Japanese press stories, we have compiled a table of the amount of fuel in the cores of the reactors and the spent-fuel pools in the 6 reactors at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear facility. SEE CHART AT LINK.


This is a very grim reality, and all of the kelp in the world, which I am kidding myself by taking, is not going to fix this cataclysm.

Consider adding a fourth fix to your list:


We need to get a couple of billion people together for a group think to ask for a miracle from the Almighty, the greatest physicist in the universe. I've spent a lot of hours researching this topic and following news reports, so I think I know some of the issues with this situation. The world has a physics problem to deal with that cannot be wallpapered over.

A fifth alternative would be dropping all of the radiative cores into the Mariana Trench, the deepest point in Earth's oceans. The bottom there is 10,924 meters (35,840 feet). Is would be a suicide mission.

Ho Hum...Nothing To See Here...Move Along...

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Dear NaturalNews readers,

As the dreadful truth about the Fukushima catastrophe slowly unfolds, it turns out this disaster is far worse than we were ever told.

For starters, the total radiation ultimately released from Fukushima may soon surpass that of Chernobyl. Reactors No. 2 and 3 are still out of control, with pumps not working and radiation levels too high to allow workers to even function there. (So how are they supposed to repair the coolant pumps, anyway?)

Here's the breakdown of the latest news from Fukushima, including a summary of the status of all six reactors:

I've also posted a 7-minute video news update on the Fukushima incident at YouTube, viewable here:

Detectable amounts of radiation from Fukushima have now reached both Florida and the Carolinas:

Wouldn't dumping the cores

Wouldn't dumping the cores into the Mariana Trench be for cooling purposes or to get the radiation as far away as possible? Would that amount of cooling stop any further radiation from leaking?


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Yes theoretically, but how do you get them all there?

As I said, it would be a suicide mission. Everyone involved with the loading, moving and transferring all of the cores there would die.

A shielded robot

with a large browns gas or hho torch.

The flame created from this combustion neutralizes radiation. The majority of the material still in place could be neutralized the biggest problem would be tracking down the material that was explosively ejected from reactors.

But thats a minor problem next to total meltdown.

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Completely Surround The Area With Lead !

Over it under it!


The Japanese Have Some Of The Best Engineers, In The World.

They already built Saikan tunnel under the ocean joining Honchu island to Hokkaido, the northern island.One of the worlds top engineering feats.
These engineers could figure out the thickness a lead shield would have to be to prevent radiation from leaking. They also could build a machine/robot, or 2to5, to work in the danger zones.
Lead panels that fit airtight together, would be my guess.

Where would the money for lead and the project come from?
1. Don't borrow from any banks or international crooks.

2. Japan has the highest cash retirement funds in the world, supposedly holding trillions of dollars.{ Postal savings plan}
The people collecting on the pensions, or about ready to collect, could be asked to make "Voluntary" monthly donations to help finance the lead project. Accurate accounting is a must.


1. Concrete - won't work:

1. Concrete - won't work: A)Radiation levels prohibit the amount of time workers can spend in the area. B) until stabilization occurs, it will be too hot to pour.

2.) terrible idea. water and soil eventually get into the atmosphere, spreading the radioactive particles everywhere.

3.) A) worker exposure time. B) there isn't enough LN2 in the world to cope with this situation.

I could be wrong. Im not an expert. I'm just thinking aloud.

My solution (sarcastic) is to bury Japan.
My solution (serious) - The solution at Chernobyl was a special mixture of sand, boric acid, and concrete. So your first solution might work with modification. The problem is that the people that work in that environment will not live long after and they know it - very sad.

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Weather modification

Settle rain showers over the area for a week as well

btw, who is going to operate the earth moving equipment around there?

drop the cement from the air and then let the rain do its job


It's the land of kamikazes.

It's the land of kamikazes. I would think they could get a few people to run bulldozers and concrete trucks to try and save the world. Let me get this straight. We can get kids to go to war for oil, but we can't get anyone to die to save the planet?


Put all those cute (but capable!) robots the Japanese have been working recently to good use.

good call

asimo or whatever lol

an army of Honda robots like in that stupid movie ..I-Robot...hi-tech toasters imo