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Video: About Fallout - 1963

Very well done Government video regarding radioactive fallout.


Why can't they make such good educational videos again. Fundamental and to the point. DHS and the other depts. could not ever make such a good video.

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Maybe this could be useful


good find


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"Good enough for government work!"

I read somewhere, once, that the derisive, sarcastic phrase, "Good enough for government work!" -- now used to describe something that is just meets the threshold of good enough -- once was used as a statement of pride.

Try that one out: "Good enough for government work," said with pride at at time when the country was young and fresh, and the government was actually a servant of the people. And because those in the government knew they were servants, they did an incredible job at pleasing their masters.

Everything is subject to the ebb and flow of time; everything eventually becomes its opposite. Life becomes death and death becomes life.

No, the government couldn't make a good video now (I'll take your word for it that it is good - don't have time to watch it) because the government is lost and has forgotten its mission. It is big and bloated and no longer cares. It has switched places with the people it once served, and now has (temporarily) become our master. It has become the antithesis of what it once was.

But as Ron Paul says, "There is a role for government - the question is what is that role?"

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