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Bankruptcy Filings Rise, even as Average Household Consumer Debt Dips

Although bankruptcy filings continue to rise, the report showed that the long-term upward trend in consumer indebtedness was interrupted by the recession. The amount of debt held by US households has steadily declined for 10 consecutive quarters, since mid-2008. Households have reduced their debt burden by about $707 billion or 5.4%. Of that debt burden, 97percent is composed of mortgage debt and consumer credit. The report indicates that the burden of debt has risen over the past 20 years, but the gradual increase does not explain the 500 percent increase in personal bankruptcy filings over that period of time.


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Think Selfishly Collectively.

Bankruptcies will continue to rise as long as the debt-clock is "on", it keeps moving-Up/increase the amount of debt.

An average person canNot raise his own debt ceiling, as the U$ govt and congress do themselves at intervals.

This constant rise in debt is the reason Dr.Ron Paul has said that -"mathematically it is impossible to pay the debt".

So withhold/deny payments to bank, let them fall. So think Selfishly & Collectively, form Debtors Associations.
Collaborate with others, resolve the biggest problem.
When the naive gather for Re'Collection the Bank$Rupt.

How can one be in bankruptcy

When the law states that there is no money. The Congress and Senate constituted the public debt in 1933, "dollar for dollar"
If any alleged loans (there are only private loans (money of exchange for like) Public banks cannot make loans or contracts If consideration is valued at less than the price of the property it is considered a donation or gift (if it came from a bank then there was no consideration and the bank took no risk, National Banking Act of 1863..Title 26 Internal Revenue Code...Your dishonor (piling more debt into debt) is the cause of the involuntary bankruptcy. If your responsible for the debt your considered a debtor, if you do not want to be responsible for "the debt" why don't you just stop ?

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow