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The Nation: Obama Fails To Explain An Unjust War

From NPR/The Nation: President Obama finally got around to speaking to the American people about the fact that he has led the country into a third war.

The speech was, to no one's surprise, ably delivered...
He explained how there are times "when our safety is not directly threatened, but our interests and values are..."

Unfortunately, he also spoke about how he had initiated the way on his own: "I ordered warships into the Mediterranean." I refused to let that happen." "I authorized military action ..." "At my direction ..."

The problem is that presidents are not supposed to start wars, especially wars of whim that are offensive rather than defensive in nature...


(Could someone here submit this on DailyKos?)

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What a load of s***

All this political double speak and he never mentions OIL. Kinetic military action? HA! US going down a road that won't end well indeed.


Cost of Libya Intervention $600 Million for First Week, Pentagon Says:

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I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United Nations

Wrong Flag.

And if that's not the best

And if that's not the best part, now it looks like Bush has ordered the 22nd MEU over to Libya.

"interests and values "

Not my "interests and values". He does not work for the American people but I am sure his handlers are quite pleased with his actions.

We are spectators...

Find Judge Napolitano's comments on Obama's speach last night - the Judge is right on - too bad his words are falling on deaf ears.

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