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Fake silver in the market place today.

From China: Fake silver coins.

This throws a wrnech into the idea of buying silver.

Sure an experienced coin dealer may be able to tell the difference, but poor suckers like us avarage investors will find out the hard way when we go to sell our silver.

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been seeing this fake silver

Been seeing this fake silver in the jewelry biz for about 2 years now and some of the fake is pretty hard to tell. One mfg. I know told me that he bought some supposed 925 silver parts at the Tucson show (huge show for silver jewelry) that turned out to be part lead. Saddening to hear that they're trying the same sort of crap with coins now.

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No it doesn't. Archimedes would know what to do.

Density is equivalent to the mass per unit volume


that silver and gold have been used for about 6 thousand years, with every kind of counterfeiting scheme, shaving scheme, plating scheme, substitute metal scheme, and fraud ploy that man could envision, and it still worked better than any other money.

Learn some of the ways that the people have protected themselves throughout time from being scammed with fake coins.


here are several tips on how to tell if your silver is fake or real:


Let's just say a lot of TRUST goes into buying metals.

Most of us including me are not metal experts because we don't handle them all day every day where you get a 6th sense regarding fake or real precious metals.

So when we exchange our hard-earned money for metals we are assuming that they are what they say they are.

But do we really know???

Not me.

So I will continue to buy as I can afford (which isn't that often), but the question does come to mind on occasion.

Perhaps diversification of the TYPE of metals is an important method to protect yourself.

For example, buy several different government-minted coins. Or buy from different coin/bullion dealers.

I live in the Seattle area and I have come to trust the Northwest Territorial Mint (which advertises on this site).

They seem knowledgable and they have some very decent salesmen for walk-in clients.

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Learn How To Identify Real Silver Coins

Get a pre 1965 quarter and a current fake one. Bounce each on the table striking the edge of the coins. Listen to the difference in sound each makes. Different metals resonate at different harmonic frequencies. The difference in the sound a 90% solid silver coin gives off is obvious. Practice this until you don't need the silver coin for a benchmark any more. Then try to sort a bag of mixed silver and current quarters in complete darkness. Any 60 year old shopkeeper can sort out genuine silver coins from fakes. If you want to get really sophisticated you could rig up a portable ultrasound machine and break down the metal content exactly. However, your ear will do just fine sorting solid silver from clads. An 80% silver debased fake might slip by but a coin dealer might not catch that either.
Besides only the government would go through the trouble to debase a coin 11 %! Since we already know the identity of all the government fakes I think you can safely learn to sort genuine silver coins by ear.

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I know this is painful to discuss.

And I think most people choose to just ignore it.

But it would be a big deal if you're the one who ends up with worthless coins which you paid a high price for - thinking they were silver or gold.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Buy a

gram scale.

I weigh every ounce of silver coinage I get to make sure everything is legit. Haven't run into any fake silver yet though.

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So all you have to do is weight it?

to determine if it's fake or not? They're not on point? I'm surprised that they wouldn't be smart enough to make it an oz of weight but only a smidge of actual silver.

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Do you have a good site that you use to determine the values? I have some silver from NV that I am a bit skeptical about.

I have a fake from China.

I have a fake from China. It's obviously a fake when you compare the weights of the fake and a legitimate 1oz round.

There is a place in Winter Park Fla which tests coins.

If you are anywhere near there.

They are called Park Avenue Gold and I have seen their tester in action.

It's pretty cool and they will allow you to test anything you buy from them too.

I even tested a house key and it showed 6 different kinds of metals in it.

Some people have said however that even this X-ray tester only goes so deep, so a clad coin with enough silver may still test OK.

Perhaps a scale is a good idea.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


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I always thought that if someone had the skill to confirm if silver and gold were 100% valid they would have a good opportunity to work as a consultant to the pawn shops and gold dealers.