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Much of this will disgust you but

copy and paste it on every progressive site you can find:http://progressivesforronpaul.blogspot.com/2011/03/one-last-gasp.html

Before the 2008 campaign I believed that the next president was headed for the same fate as Jimmy Carter, too much to clean up in too little time. Nowadays I am not sure. President Obama has a Reaganesque way of communicating and a Clintoneseque way of triangulating. Speaking a little left and a little right and governing a little right of center may just get him reelected despite persistent high unemployment and looming national debt. Most progressives would agree that what we need to deal with those 2 big issues is to increase domestic spending vastly on building the green economy in both the short and long term, to cut taxes substantially on working and middle class individuals and families, to increase taxes significantly on the wealthy, and to cut deeply spending on perpetual war and empire building and maintenance.

Given all we have witnessed thus far from this administration, we can expect, at most, a half-hearted attempt to change the nation and an eager willingness to continue to stretch our military and hire mercenaries at the expense of making the investments we need in our domestic economy. I am now convinced that the president will become the next Lyndon Johnson, except he will probably run for and win a second term to do more of the same. The prophetic words of Martin Luther King are still ringing true. The green economy is being shot down on the battle fields of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and who knows where next.

I do not want to see this happen. I want to believe that the President is biding his time, waiting to gain a landslide mandate in 2012 so that he can finally do what he and we really want to do: end the wars and the corporate welfare state and replace it with a truly functional and peaceful green society. I want to believe but my faith is running on fumes. Rather than coast to a possible change in 2012, I am now determined to make my little effort to force the change before the next election.

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if ur not aware already...

I am not trying to convince folks here to change their minds about anything. I am just supplying material for you to use in persuading progressives like myself to vote for Ron Paul. One of my main suggestions is don't waste time trying to convert us but persuade us that Ron Paul will be better for the progressive agenda than Obama is. It can be done and my post above is an example of how.

Did I get anywhere below?


I read it

Here is my Understanding Money presentation for beginners

that I had previosly asked if you were interested in.

I make ground with progressives with this because we all have one thing in common, money.

From that perspective, our biggest thing in common is that we need to all understand how "the poor and middle class get poorer".

The link to the post with my comment here on the DP - http://dailypaul.com/160545/peter-schiff-how-the-fed-indirec...

Bump for answers

C'mon P4P; explain to us all how the Progressive agenda is superior to Individual Liberty.

You're a (well-intentioned, I'm sure) tool for the very things you are fighting. Wake-up, please.

I think this video will show

I think this video will show you how true liberty lovers feel.


The big picture. Please address your postion on this.

P4P, how about giving your opinion concerning the big picture. Ron Paul is about sovereignty. He is in essence, warning not only Americans but the people of the world about the control of global governance.

Those that have not become aware of this yet, are falling into a trap. A trap that unaware people are willingly participating in because media exposure convinces what is right for mankind. In essence, the quest for Utopia. You know, 'as long as we can save one life'.

One must accept that there are careless and bad people in the world. Ask those who want to disarm people with firearms if those that do the disarming are going to destroy their own weapons?

If you want the answer to that look up the history of what happened to the natives when Cortez came here with horses, steel, and firearms. The natives were decimated. Technology wasn't always just great now.

Global Governance is not about freedom. My conclusion is drawn from the time it took to research and understand RP's statements why he wants us out of the UN, WTO, IMF, NATO, end the CIA and the FED, etc.

If you want people to be free, then move your position and teach other progressives where the true dangers lie. Because in the big picture, areas such as abortion, gay marriage, health care, and so on, is side stuff. Put the bulls eye where it belongs, on the central bank that creates money and those who talk of global governance. These are the internationalists and how they get their funding. Nations have been trading internationally for centuries. Globalism, as what we are witnessing, is the loss of independency amongst nations, control, and Liberty.

There really are only two choices - freedom or statist. Either it's freedom with whatever cons one believes or statist, and a town called Hell. If it is not freedom then the future is dark.

Here are a couple videos of someone in government getting something out in the open, and loudly.


That second 1 minute video has its message clear. Either your going to join with us against the real threats and educate others also, or your going to turn your head away from reality in the same manner that has led us to the precipice we now face.

Green makes me feel good

When I'm drinking my trucked-in water and looking at my wife's diamond. Everyone should be just like me.

Serious Question-

It's a wonderful thing, that many in the Progressive movement are now solidly behind the ideas of sound money, ending corporatism and have embraced the philosophy of non-interventionism. But I remain baffled at the reasoning for the bulk of their domestic positions.

By what authority do Progressives presuppose the right to impose their collective vision of Utopia upon the rest of their fellow citizens (and demand by ultimate threat of violence that we pay for it all)?

Bluntly; where do you get off?

Do Progressives fancy themselves as somehow more critically gifted and enlightened than the average Individual? Do they believe they have special sight that allows them to see what really needs to happen, (while the rest of us poor slobs only need labor quietly to implement their plans)? Why can't the Progressive agenda stand-up to the unshielded scrutiny of the free market? What arrogance! What utter nonsense to believe they are somehow more morally capable of determining how my life should be lived and my earnings distributed.

So, Please explain your position. Please explain how ANY tenet of the Progressive platform is compatable with Individual Liberty? Please explain what it is that Progressives find so distasteful in Ron Paul's fundamental advocacy for the Rights of Individuals?

Good point

"It's a wonderful thing, that many in the Progressive movement are now solidly behind the ideas of sound money, ending corporatism and have embraced the philosophy of non-interventionism."

Interesting. That political platform represents neither Left, Right nor Center. It represents Up.

(I realize that's not exactly the point you are making, but the observation intrigued me.)

Vote Up