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Mealer Economic Plan

Regardless of what you may hear or read from Rush Limgaugh or Glenn Beck suggesting that because of increased value of the various US exports (GDP), American jobs are the key to saving this country. FACTS ARE FACTS: No jobs. No tax income. No tax income, No national defense and essentially NO NADA ZIP ZILCH freedoms and No more American Economy for that matter.

High dollar MFG items such as tractors, mobile homes, and military equipment (which is what Limbaugh, et al refers to as HUGE GDP for the USA) means very little to what actually puts bread on the table. Sure, Limbaugh is a great quasi-political voice and well worth listenting to (as much as Beck), but being realistic... We need MFG jobs here and now.

Mealer Economic Plan for no better term is it.

Just an FYI post.. Look it up. Let's see if our Hon. Governor Jan Brewer will take me up on the offer to save first Arizona's economy and then the remainder of the state's economies.

And for the heck of it.. MEALER 2012. It's time a nonpolitician straightens out the mess made by the politicians and with MEALER, you don't need an enema to stay free.

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Want to see this plan come to fruitition? ACT NOW...

If anyone seriously wants this to go to work NOW, please call Governor Jan Brewer's office and tell her you want JL MEALER to get this rolling ASAP and he needs her to make the appointment.

(602) 542-1381 Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's Office.

She will understand the appointment. Arizona needs this and America seriously has NO TIME TO LOSE and this will cost NADA!

JL Mealer


Thanks for this!

I Googled your "Mealer Economic Plan", and glad I did. Very interesting take on things. Now plan to dig deeper into your plan, your website, and would appreciate any additional thoughts on how individuals might proceed in working towards these ends. Thanks again!