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Credit Card Payment Boycott, July 2011

Please spread the word about www.SlayTheBankster.com. We are asking Americans to ignore the usual minimum due on their Visa and Mastercards. Instead pay only and exactly this amount $19.13. We are doing this until the Banksters who caused the crisis are sent to jail, and until Congress begins hearings on amending or even repealing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The payment amount of $19.13 is a message to Congress and to the Banksters.

It costs you nothing to join this idea; in fact, it will help you keep your own money instead of pouring it into the hands of Bank of America, JPMorgan, Citibank and the rest of that bunch.

Please visit our Facebook page and give us a "Like". Feel free to post comments. We would like to reach 10,000 visitors to the Facebook page. Click the big $19.13 button on this page to jump over to Facebook:

And do enjoy our new Xtranormal cartoon where Thomas Jefferson is outraged that somebody allowed The Fed into the country! Only 4 minutes and very cute, but serious. Please pass this YouTube link to your friends and ask them to view it and help it go viral. I don't have to remind you that something needs to be done, and FAST:

I look forward to seeing you on Facebook!

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SteveMT's picture

For a member of two hours, you seem to have an agenda....

to scam people out of their money by asking them to do something idiotic.

Are you a banker by chance?

This thread is being made a read only due to false advertising for an obvious money making scheme for you.

What a nitwitted idea

I have better advice for everyone out there. Stop using credit cards!!! Cut them up, pay off the balance as quickly and efficiently as possible. Pay your bills and get out of debt. Yes, it takes work! It takes discipline! Having no debt is a beautiful thing.

Go ahead, blame the bankster for the fact that you got yourself into a hole you see no way of getting out of. Go ahead, try every idiotic scheme someone throws at you to screw the evil credit card companies that forced you to get the cards. What a bunch of crap. Such schemes just get otherwise reasonable people into trouble.

A better route, if you are in over your head is to get another job, get some overtime, quit eating at the fast food joint, quit going to the movies every week, cut the cable, turn out a few lights. You get the idea. A frugal lifestyle is what makes strong men and women of character.

I did that when I get myself into a hole. It was hard. It took years. Now that I can that care of everything and then some without those extra hours of drudgery I can hold my head high and say I did it. Honestly and without blaming others for my own mess. I get steamed every time I read threads that encourage people to just quit paying their debts and nothing bad will happen. What a crock. Banksterslayer needs to get an honest job and quit offering advice to people on how to become as dishonest and evil as the bankers he claims are ripping everyone off.

Not a good idea IMO

This sounds like a "protest" cooked up by the credit card companies themselves. We hurt them by destroying our credit ratings and giving them the legal right to jack up our interest rates? Shirley, we can do better.

Oh, great financial advice!

So a few thousand people at most do this. The credit card companies charge more interest because the principle is not paid down. The protesters are on the hook for more money they must pay to the credit card companies.

Better to just stop charging stuff on your credit cards if you want to hurt them. We enter into credit card agreements, knowing that the terms are subject to change. Trying to welsh on your payments is not keeping your word.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


Haven't used credit cards since '87, but I will spread the message.

Interesting. Just two months

Interesting. Just two months after the mortgage payment boycott that Glenn Beck talked about ("exposed") last week.

I wonder if the banking system will be in for a rocky ride from May-July...