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Be careful.....My Bank caught me on the "Nickels".

Well......... (In My Opinion)Just as in the 70's people were storing away silver coins (Pre 1964). The Nickel is the super poor mans silver. I was buying $100 boxes of Nickels and just putting them away. Well my bank just told me NO MORE. Be careful. I have my Dad and Sister picking up rolls of nickels for me now since the bank caught on to me. I asked them why I can't get any more nickels....and they gave me some BS reason. They said I don't have a business account and it costs them a lot of labor to handle all of these nickels....HAHAHAHAHAAHAH SO WHAT!! (I do have a business account at another bank, and I am milking them now) I didn't cause a stink. People.....just as Sierra has told you about Silver. I believe nickels will be the Silver of the future. You can get 2000 of them for $100 (If the bank will let you) JUST THE MELT VALUE is $140. How can you go wrong. Talk about investing in your future. Mark my word people...within 10 years...a nickel will be worth at least $2. $10,000 in nickels could be worth $400,000 or more. And you can't really lose because they are always worth a nickel. Talk about a great gift....pick up a $100 box of nickels wrap them up and print this post in the card=FUN....Damn...they are heavy!

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Sounds like a great Christmas Gift idea :)

Especially for kids as a stocking filler.

Give them a roll of nickels and teach them about the value of money a bit.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Whatever you possess

Keep with you. You only have what you can put your hands on...if the banks shut down, you won't have access to a safety deposit box.

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See this story that was plastered in every newspaper on 12-20.

Better get all of the pennies and nickels while you can. Notice that the word "inflation" is not mentioned in this ridiculous story that I believe has the Founders turning in their graves.

US Mint Testing New Metals To Make Coins Cheaper

PHILADELPHIA — When it comes to making coins, the Mint isn't getting its two cents worth. In some cases, it doesn't even get half of that.
Continued at:

What Type of Nickels Do You Purchase?


What type of nickels do you purchase? From a certain year? Also, are you getting them from a coin dealer, and then holding them in your safety deposit box? I was just trying to understand what you were doing.


Joe in MD

This is an old post

so the prices are a bit out of date. Coinflation.com has today's prices. I have gotten a lot of nickels from the bank without paying any fees. And I store them at home.


Hear, O Israel: YHUH our God YHUH one. And thou shalt love YHUH thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

I was picking up

about 3 boxes a week. They cut me off as well. Not to worry though, there is always another bank.


Hear, O Israel: YHUH our God YHUH one. And thou shalt love YHUH thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

Nickels are not allowed to be

Nickels are not allowed to be melted. Except for a few collector-type war nickels, they contain no silver. Yes they have zinc, but it is against the LAW to melt them down. Good luck.

Melt them down anyway. The

Melt them down anyway. The government crazies can't be everywhere at once.

Besides, those coins are your property, not the "government's".

Probably a Statute not a Law

No " Person" may melt the coins. However a real man can do whatever he wants with his private property. If he wants to eat the coins he can. Statutes apply to officers of the United States.
So no corporation or its officers can melt the public property but on my off hours from the corporation I can melt my private copper collection to my hearts delight.
Learn the difference between public policy and the private man.
Public policy does not apply to you if you simply figure out who you are!
You are a human Being not a person or vessel or citizen ship.

Remember when FDR ordered that all "persons" "within" The United States turn in their Gokd coins. That only applied to banks and corporations not to private men and women.
They pretend to rule you when in fact they have no authority over you whatsoever by using tricks of the language. If you don't know you are not their person then you might accidentally volunteer to do stupid stuff like pay incomevtaxes! Or hand over your gold, guns, God.

The Oracle

Do you have to melt a pre 64 quarter down for it

to be worth $6.85? No, it is recognized to be worth that, and the fact that it is not melted down, but has been quantified into a certain size and shape with dates engraved or stamped on it certifies that worth.

Why then would you need to melt down a real penny or a nickel to obtain and/or store that worth? Are they not also set sizes and weights with identifying marks stamped on them?

It ain't like the FED is going to quit inventing money, and having a store of wealth in tangible commodities, gold, silver, copper, etc. is a good thing. Even better to me that I can roll them up, count them, and easily set a value on them since they are not melted down.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

You Have a Business Account

If you have a U.S. citizen ship, that is a vessel (corporation) within The United States merchant fleet. The name looks like this: JOHN Q. PUBLIC. That obviously isn't your name it is a corporate entity created by the social security application your parents gave to the big corporation U.S. Gov.
So The Local Fed Branch you are dealing with shouldn't deny you business services. You have a business.

Anyway just get the nickels any way you can. I got 3,000 in dollar coins yesterday but had to go to five federal reserve branches to collect that many. I am using the dollar coins instead of Fed notes. They are still money (republic substance) and not debt. If you use the fed notes which are only for corporations to use you are saying you are a corporation subject to the democracy's whims and not a man/woman with inalienable rights. The Republic Democracy divide is determined by which monetary system you use. It literally is that simple. So to preserve your Republic Rights use coins at all times possible. Trade all coins for an airline ticket (get your re ept marked paid in coin) and then go around TSA. If they give you any trouble take them to small claim court for violating your State Republic rights protections!

You can stay out of the "federal commerce jurisdiction" that way and also help weaken the Feds reach and power. There are actually two separate court systems depending on whether you use coins or the private fed notes. Small claim court is for amounts less than one DOLLAR, in other words real money in coin not fed notes. Only a human being can make a claim in small claim court. You can claim 50 million Dollars in coin there and it is still a small claim because the claim is for coins not (fed)DOLLARS.

Get the nickels at a dozen different fed branches (all banks are fed branches). I just get a couple rolls of nickels Quarters, dimes, and, pennies at each branch every week or two. I have fourteen branches within two miles of me so it is easy to rotate. I actually use the coins as money to exchange for gas, groceries, etc. So just give the quarter and dime rolls to the gas station attendant and toss the nickel and penny rolls in your personal stash hole. Also if you ask for the Dollar coins the banks will look the other way on asking for quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies at the same time. You see the banks have to have 2,000 in Dollar coins to send them back to the Nearest Federal Reserve center. They have to take the dollar coins out of the rolls and put 2,000 or more in a bag!

So the bank branch tellers hate the dollar coins. Five banks loved me when I took all their Dollar coins yesterday, all smiles, one other bank hated me because I gave them two hundred Dollar coins to "pay" "a bill". They actually asked me when I would be coming back for "my" Dollar coins! So ditch the Democracy fed notes and start using all Republic coins wherever possible. I just handed off a box of 1,000 in dollar coins to settle another account, so you can do it too. Use Republic Coins, stay out of dealing in Debt, stay out of The Democracy, down with democracy, down with the Fed! Long live the Republic, restore it by boycotting Fed notes, so simple. End the Fed by not using it. Demand coins and if your bank won't give you any money find a bank that will. It still is a free market economy if you demand it to be.

The Oracle

Interesting you should say that

Back in January I got pulled over for expired tags by a rookie cop who was out on a training run. When he first approached my car I only rolled the window down an inch and handed him this notice. He got pretty freaked and called for backup. There were soon two more cars and six cops total at the scene. I lectured them on how repressive regimes always restrict the right to travel, and all except two of them really seemed to take heed in what I was saying. In the end he wrote me up for the expired tags along with expired license and lack of insurance, and he had my car towed.

When it came time to appear, the courts had no record of the citation. He had dropped it out of fear of what might happen in court.

I got my car back the next day, and now I am going after the towing company in Small Claims for not only the towing fees, but time lost from work, loss of value to my car (the tow may show up on CarFax), etc.

What's interesting is that when I downloaded the forms for Small Claims, the first thing I noticed was that there was no place on the form for a SSN. This appears to back up what you're saying.

Now if only I could get paid out in silver when I win my case (or at least all nickels, lol)...

Your "notice"

When clicked on, it cannot be viewed!
I would like to see it as I am sure many others would!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Yes You Can!

You can get paid out in Nickels because that is what you are asking for!
So don't be shy to collect the judgement in nickels. If the bank won't give you any real money take them to small claim court. Make sure you use your real name (Given, Second: Family) at all times and sign your claim in Blue ink. Also be sure to specify to the judge that you have a small claim not small claims. Small claims are bundled (class action) and must be handled (represented) by an attorney. You, a man, has the highest standing in Law but only if you make your claim on your own as one. Only The One has Natural Rights, that is to say standing in Law. Two or more only have collective civil priveleges. Always go it alone because The One is the highest authority. Read "Office of The Person" and "The Person" essays. Never leave your office of The Sovran. The corporations and corporate officers exist in the fictional commercial world of Admiralty. So when you make a claim against a corporation no one can answer you. There is no one there! If you get a response with a black ink signature then that is the signature of a corporate officer who is subservient to the Sovran living Being and his wishes. You can ignore the officers protestations about liquidating the corporation or you can take them under advisement. The reason the officers freaked is because they are worrried you might know who you are and you could wipe them out in small claim court.

There are a couple other better ways to do your claim on the tow shop. I would avoid the small claim court because it is still run by U.S. Government and is liable to try to attorn you if you are not sharp enough to avoid their questions like "what is your address". You haven't got an address, you don't reside in a HOME, you didn't "go in school". To avoid the Queens Courts I suggest you just use a Notary and Present a bill to the towing service. The Notary is a judge available to any one to convene a court "without" The United States Government Corporation. Since your claim is by a real Man "without" the corporation against a business you can convene your own court in Law. Ask the Towing service owner to settle the matter privately in coin with you. If he dishonors you the Notary will issue a Certificate of Nonresponse. Then you send him a commercial lien. If he dishonors that the Notary sends you a Notary protest. This is a judgement in your favor. You can sell that judgement to Geitner at face value and he will send you a check then turn around and sic the IRS on the towing company.

After you practice Law on the hapless towing company. You can use your refined skills to collect about two or three million from the municipal corporation. Did they threaten to use force to take your car? No force is required only the threat of force. Don't make them taser you, you have a duty to mitigate the idiots potential injury to you. Then you say "Ok but i am only leaving my private car under protest and duress." Remember it is not a vehicle unless you are carrying federal reserve notes, a credit card or give them your name or U.S. Gov. I.D. Say "i wish to remain in the private". You need to write down in detail on an affidavit exactly what happened so that when you are ready to collect from the muni Corp your two million you will have a signed dated affidavit that was made freshly after the event when your recollection is best. Be sure to set up the affidavit "without" the United States and sign your real name in blue. Give the Notary two silver dollars to witness your affirmation and be sure to have a receipt prepared for the Notary to sign that says paid two Dollars Siver Coin. There was a case in the 1970's where the judge looked at the two federal reserve notes the bank had given the Notary or Sheriff and said Nope you can't take this man's house because you have no standing in Law.

The judge was a Minnesota Supreme Court Judge. The Bank had him killed a few months later. The case is called Clear River or something like that. My point is no U.S. Court will challenge a real Man or even accept a challenge from any corporation against you if you pay the Notary in coin. They don't want the cases on the record and they have to decide every time in your favor, so they don't want to be killed by the Bank either. They just refuse to hear any complaints by the banks or corporations against a real man. That is why almost no such cases are in the case Law record. The outcome is a no brainer. They can't even hear the corporation's arguements because they have no standing. Your judgement as the real Man and commercial guarantor is the highest Law and the last word. So always pay the Notary in Coin. If you need to hire out a Notary Protest or COD give them a postal money order which is backed by gold without the federal reserve system although the federal reserve system does clear them for the Post Office.

To deal with your Notary just put the Coin on the desk and the receipt, you won't get any trouble, just smiles. You are a real Man, The Sovran, so when you come in to have your Public Servants do your bidding you pay them in real coin. This gets you your standing in Law plus some seriously Good service and proper respect. Do not ever pay a public official more than the statutory charges, that is bribery. Paying in coin is all you know how to do because you are a real Man, you must. You can only pay in your own credit or substance money, never in someone elses debt. Tell them you must pay in substance because you are substance not fiction. Stand up turn around, demonstrate you are real.
If any Notary is too much of a State or Bank stooge to do his/her duty to you don't worry about it.
Find one that knows the proper role of a Notary as an international official. The United States is foreign to you so you use the Notary to show your standing in Law not Admiralty.

Winston Shrout's foundational review has a great example of his claim against a cop for a couple million. The fact they stole your car is amazing. That is a felony! If you claim your citizrpenship Trust by commercial lien they would be committing breach of pound in Admiralty which is also a felony in their system, but either way they stole your car so you can charge them for their injury to you. The way they work it is they claim you abandoned the "Vessel" when you got off of it and so they just towed it into the harbor for a finders fee (Admiralty claim).
You may also want to join the commercial lien society.
If you have trouble with finding your own Notary who is not a tool for the banks let me know I'll fix you up. But do try to develop a couple local Notaries, you will need them. I keep mine pretty busy but if you get in a jam I'll share. Also feel free to read through my comments on DP, there is a lot of goid info info which will help you personally. I can't download the entire Matrix from my head onto this site so I just respond when people have specific issues.

Any other questions, feel free to consult -

The Oracle

black ink? blue ink?

Eye of newt? Blood of toad? Tears of virgins?

I want to respect the personal sovereignty position, really I do, but so much of the procedure smacks of incantation.

Why should it have to be any more complicated than "I am" and "I do not consent"?

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

Blue Ink is Recognized as The Signature of A Real Man Since

the advent of the copier machine. Convention in Law lags a little behind technological change. When physically present in De Jure capacity you can just say "I wish to remain in the private or I do not consent". What I am talking about is how to put your wishes IN WRITING in an internationally recognized format so that you can command the commercial world instead of it pretending to command you.

Yes it is all just a ritual.

Those who can perform the sacred rites can command the dead (the corporations, government and government officers). Those who cannot write their orders in the hand of The Sovran cannot command the Givernment (not misspelled). Why do you think The Unanimous Declaration of The Thirteen Colonies is Written in Jefferson's hand? At that time it would have had no standing in Law if it were printed. (today the text body can be typed or handwritten so long as it is signed in blue) or just handwrite your orders entirely in your own hand. This is called a writ, It is the order of The Sovran.

Remember they had printing presses in Philidelphia. Ben Franklin could have printed the Declaration. The Common Law jurisdiction is all done in handwritten form. That is the highest Law. The Law of Men. Commercial Law is all typewritten and its orders are today signed in black. Usually the corporate officer has a different name and signature for his post. It is fun to look up the corporate CEO's on Veromi and find their corporate officer name and then search around for a similar name that is their U.S. Citizen ship name.

Send a bill to your favorite TSA groper after you say "I do not consent" and he disrespects your rights. Make sure to sign it in blue "without" The United States and pay The Notary in Silver Coin.
These magical incantations do bewitch and command the dead!

I didn't make this stuff up, I just work here. That is how you command THEM.
If you don't learn how to command your troops they will gladly mutiny, feel up your wife and daughters when you are out in Public and eventually come pillage you out of your own house.

Be a real Man and put your name name down on paper. Challenge them to explain to you by what right they are touching your daughter? Do something about it. If you don't learn how then you will remain a slave and have to endure the masters' officers touching "your" women's privates because they are the masters' property. You never wrote anything claiming otherwise, did you? Did you ever claim "your" wife? Bet you a silver Dollar you didn't. So she is not your wife after all. She has no Man to defend her against TSA Gropers.

The Oracle

My bank...

charges 15 cents a coin roll. It's a small bank with I think only 15 locations.

Hate to break it to ya....

Those nickels don't have silver in them... Unless your holding a 1942-1945 nickel your not holding much.... Check out www.coinflation.com for melt values for all various coins...

Hate to break it to ya, too.

Those nickels may not have silver but they DO have NICKEL in them. And copper.

Canadian nickels (used to) have more nickel in them; perhaps $100 boxes of Canadians is a better investment than American nickels?

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Allright see the point being made...

This is an editorial, and I'll stick with my pre-1982 penny coin separator...

Kagiman, Who makes a penny separator?

Where did you get the penny separator? I have kids doing it!
Any pointer would be appreciated.

The Oracle

I just use a digital scale

3.1 grams for copper and 2.5 grams for new pennies.

Exercise Your Rights. If You Don't Use Them, You Will Lose Them.
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I will remember that, although I'm trying to eliminate handling the coins individually. Maybe I could just weigh the 50c rolls and spend the ones under say 90 percent copper. Close enough for a quick dirty presepearation.

The Oracle


About $35.00


Marvelous, I'll get one and let the kids operate the machine. Of course I will be able to lay one off!
More labor to run the farm.

The Oracle


Thats funny.

I was thinking more along the

I was thinking more along the lines of stockpiling razor sharp steel battleaxes and Clydesdale horses, but I guess I may on rare occasions have to engage in fair and honest trade with a similarly matched dark army of evil marauders, who may already have more than enough horses and battleaxes.


they are heavy

ammo cans is the way to go .... any size

Lew Rockwell article


Also, the nickel is probably the least circulated coin in the U.S. I haven't found the statistics but I'm just using logic.

It takes 4 quarters before someone wants to trade them in for a dollar. It takes 2.5 dimes before trading up to a quarter. And it takes 5 pennies to get to a nickel. But it only takes 2 nickels to trade up to a dime.

So it's highly probably that nickels are the coin in least circulation.

SO funny- and true!

Thanks for the heads-up on the nickels in your area. Seems they caught on to your tendencies.

Slow & steady wins the race, Mr. Hare. ;)