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Be careful.....My Bank caught me on the "Nickels".

Well......... (In My Opinion)Just as in the 70's people were storing away silver coins (Pre 1964). The Nickel is the super poor mans silver. I was buying $100 boxes of Nickels and just putting them away. Well my bank just told me NO MORE. Be careful. I have my Dad and Sister picking up rolls of nickels for me now since the bank caught on to me. I asked them why I can't get any more nickels....and they gave me some BS reason. They said I don't have a business account and it costs them a lot of labor to handle all of these nickels....HAHAHAHAHAAHAH SO WHAT!! (I do have a business account at another bank, and I am milking them now) I didn't cause a stink. People.....just as Sierra has told you about Silver. I believe nickels will be the Silver of the future. You can get 2000 of them for $100 (If the bank will let you) JUST THE MELT VALUE is $140. How can you go wrong. Talk about investing in your future. Mark my word people...within 10 years...a nickel will be worth at least $2. $10,000 in nickels could be worth $400,000 or more. And you can't really lose because they are always worth a nickel. Talk about a great gift....pick up a $100 box of nickels wrap them up and print this post in the card=FUN....Damn...they are heavy!

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There is a way it could go wrong. Not saying it is likely, just conceivable. The scenario is the one where the (1/20th) dollar falls in value and industry collapses, making nickel and copper (industrial metals) less valuable.

There ain't no such thing as a safe haven. Not as long as the government has the guns and prisons, and the Bernank has the printing press.

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"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

All I can do is try my best...

Gold, Silver, Ammo, Food, Land, Rentals, Nickels, Copper Pennies, on and on. NO PAPER......and last week it was $48 to fill my Acura....today $51.90. This is crazy.

When I first bought my delivery truck

which is also my daily driver it cost me $48 to fill up both tanks. I thought that was horrible. Now it takes over $120 to fill both tanks.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*


When I bought my first car, it cost $2.50 to fill up, including California gas tax!

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You are always thinking, takeaction

lol! Man you have angle on everything.

I work hard for

FRN's...then I work hard to get rid of them and into something real.