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Peter Schiff Exposes Glenn Beck as Greedy Hypocrite

"Ever since I came out against Goldline...I haven't been on the show once"

"I used to have a lot of respect for Glenn Beck"

"His viewers are basically being ripped off (by Goldline), he doesn't care."


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Why would Schiff make up a lie ?

This doesn't fit his character..


Monaco Gold is the same way as Gold line, as they promise to sell you a certain item, and do the bait and switch. Listen to what they have to say, and when you confront them on it, they twist the sales pitch to make you seem like an idiot.
The only reliable Gold and Silver sellers is Midas Resources, as they understand the situation and will work with
you to help get you what you want at a price you can afford.
Another might be Merit Financial, but I haven't called them yet to hear their pitch and see if they are true to their word.

"Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth. "
— William Faulkner


No one commenting on this thread is surprised by any of this right?...Listening to Glenn Beck for investment advice is like asking Ben Bernanke for real estate advice in 2007. Do your own damn homework. If you cannot see Glenn Beck for the tool that he is for the establishment, maybe that's why Obama got elected? No one actually believed that "Change you can believe in" crap did they?

Shiff hit piece

This is completely false. I just went on-line to Goldline's website. They are selling gold at 4% over spot. Not unusual at all.

I am a supporter of Ron Paul, and have been for years. I am extremely disappointed by this smear article. Either you didn't do your homework, or you are deliberately misleading the public- something you are accusing Beck of doing.

I am no Beck groupie. I guess I have been a Ron Paul groupie, if anything, but unless you rectify this misleading article/video I will be withdrawing my financial support for the 2012 campaign.

You're going to withdraw your support for Ron Paul

because of something Peter Schiff said? Ok, whatever. To each his/her own.


I can see that they have gold BULLION at 1484 ish. Spot is at what 143something?
You are right, that's only a small mark up. Not the 40%-100% Schiff was talking about. But have you called Goldline??
They scare you or shun away the idea of buying bullion because they say its confiscatable like in 1933 when they tried it. So they push and push (almost convincingly ) to sell you numismatic coins, or old coins. Like cheap European coins or French Boosters or the 20 frank etc. And not only did you call them, but guess what their mark up is on what they really want and push you to buy is??..40%-100% mark up.
Give them a call and listen to them push you to my "non-confiscatable" coins where you will find the 40%-100% mark up.

So the only thing you could legitimately have against this headline is that schiff didn't clarify that.


Go buy your gold from goldline. Like I said their bullion isn't a bad price.
I'll stick to listening to one of the few people thay had never been wrong economically. Peter Schiff.

Depending on monetary fraud (The Federal Reserve) for national prosperity or a reversal of our downward spiral is riskier than depending on the lottery.
Inflation has been used to pay for all wars and empires as far back as ancient Rome. And they all en

Withdraw your financial support?

You do realize this website is in NO WAY affiliated with Dr. Ron Paul. Just a bunch of patriots sharing ideas and current events. Additionally we do not toss around threats when we see others exercising their 1st amendment rights, its sort of a big deal around here.

Billion dollar campaign, trillion dollar bailout, can you tell me what's the definition of a sellout?


It has nothing to do with how much Goldline is selling metals above spot. You call them and they know immediately how much you know about the precious metals market, then they go in for the kill. They try to push the rare coins first and then if that doesn't work, will start peddling other collectibles. I know because I've called them before. Always doing my own due diligence, I knew better than to buy from Goldline. Knowing Goldline's sales tactics, anybody promoting Goldline on national television should know better.

They do rip people off though.

A friend of mine who before he knew the best sources for gold did business with them. He was talked into buying British sovereigns dated from 1901-1915ish and bought 13. They were in circulated condition extra fine or so. He paid 400 a piece for them. Two years later you can buy the same coins for less after a 50% move in spot gold. They cornhole unaware people.

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There's probably more to it than that

I recall seeing this:

Probably other shenanigans, too.

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Get New Sponsors

Maybe he needs to get new sponsors.

I hate talk shows: I figure why listen to someone I agree with? And why listen to someone I disagree with, if I can't talk back? Besides, he strikes me as about 8 years old.

However, maybe someone out there wants to sponsor the show.

It occurs to me that the opposition (big government supporters) may try to use this opportunity to pour fuel on the fire and send the show up in flames. It won't help us to have some homogenized generic replacement show.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

+1 And Bump

Agreed on everything. I completely lost it when Beck derailed Medina's campaign.

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

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Great Mother Jones article on Beck & Goldline

Glenn Beck's Golden Fleece

How Beck and other right-wing talkers turned paranoia into a pitch for Goldline, the gold dealer one congressman says is conspiring to "cheat consumers." A Mother Jones investigation.


Judge Napolitano wants Peter on...

...Glenn's producers say "no!"


I would simply say DON'T buy any metals from those who advertise with the "talking heads"; and that includes AJ's boss - he advertises on Fox News/Business Channel too with his profits...

Honestly, I can only afford a little each week - but at least I am buying for the day of reckoning; If I am poor, and dumb enough to spend $5.00 for a Heineken after work on some nights(WASTE of MONEY); it doesn't bother me to pay $2.00 over spot +$2.95 shipping on one ounce of Silver off some guy on Ebay ... as long as my money isn't going to dis-information agents and controlled opposition!!!

I am not in this "for the money"; I am in this because Silver is MONEY ... let the market forces do it's thing!

(anyone remember that blurb about whether or not a restaurant could sue if a person put a bad review on their Facebook? Peter just threw Goldline, Beck and his staff UNDER THE BUS!!!); people always warned me about "burning bridges"; people on the DP used to talk about not bashing Beck because we are "winning him over" - B.S. - call a self-centered sold out Benedict Arnold Judas Goat what he is; let them HAVE the Tea Party, and Michele Bachmann & their stupid half-conservatives - they won't stop us - we seriously need to keep separating ourselves, and stop mixing our WHITE truth with their black paint of lies if we want this country back, and our Liberty restored!!!

Character Counts; and Schiff has it! I want to hear Judge Napolitano's take in Beck's staff saying "no!" to having Peter Schiff on...Peter Schiff doesn't go on television to plug his company - he gives GOOD and valuable sound warnings and his perspective on market trends and the crashing dollar...why Fox doesn't want people to hear that tells me they are agenda-driven.

It's only a "rigged game" if we continue to play; take your "money"/FRN's/coins of the realm elsewhere - soon it will no longer be "money"; and most of the Neo-con's audience will realize how right Peter and Ron Paul have been all along! All the gold they have bough in a panic will go to pay off their mortgages they are under water on!

Contracts in the Entertainment Industry

I used to work with entertainment contracts, and here are a few things to consider:

Beck may not own his own show -- at least he may have partners, and his contract binds him for a period of time. In other words, threatening to quit may not be an option without breaking his contractural promises.

Beck may be prohibited from saying "bad things" about his network, his sponsors, or his bosses. There most certainly are clauses in his contract that prohibit him from doing things that injure his network.

Whether Beck is weak, misguided, or actually bound by contract, is something we can't tell from here. Peter has the luxury of telling the truth (nice to see it rewarded enough to have one's own show which I'm sure he owns outright), but Beck may not have. Beck might be able to defend Schiff and dump Goldline only at the risk of he and all his staff becoming unemployed overnight; I wouldn't fault him for not taking that step.

The copyright thief should be laughed off the 'net. Oh, wait. I think that's happening now.

I'm not a big Beck fan, but life is rarely as simple as we would like to make it.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I appreciate your insight!

...Glenn could WALK AWAY from Fox; and he would...if he cared about this nation, and was willing to admit we're RIGHT, honest, and actually Patriotic about our disgust with what has been thrust upon the INNOCENT!

People realize how BIG the "crime network" is; they KNOW people can be financially ruined, or even get killed if they "do the right thing" and join the "secessionist" movement...

Ron Paul is our reasonable avenue of changing things given the current system; but presuming they are going to "put us down" again, or, co-opt our movement/momentum through counterfeiting it(saying what they have to in order to get elected; then DOING NOTHING) - we should not WAIT to call out this fraud in November of 2012 - we should expose and bankrupt these "talking heads" and manipulators of public opinion now...

Seriously, what if people understood Ecclesiastical Tyranny; and up and abandoned ALL churches in America where either Democrats, Republicans, conservatism, or Israel is lauded above LIBERTY for the American people - we can give charity privately; we don't need to have it distributed through the churches or through government...all avenues of duping the electorate via propaganda must be countered; and that is where we will make our biggest impact, because money talks...so stop supporting the Status Quo; we've been suckered long enough by self-centered hypocrites and liars.

Glenn Beck is the Benedict Arnold of our time

Can't seem to forget the Ron Paul supporter terrorist quote. This retard supports the bailouts. He derailed Debra Medina's campaign. "The best way to oppose the opposition is to lead it" Vladimir Lennon.

Beck Knows What Side his Bread Is buttered On.

I have noticed, back when I DVRed his show,that Beck had a decline in advertisers on his TV show. My guess is he needs Gold Line to keep his show on air. Its the golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rules. I don't trust Beck after he dumped on Deb Medina.

He even copied peters site.

He even copied peters site. Its like beck thinks schiff and alex jones are succesful because of a magic formula.

He's not talking about Glenn

He's not talking about Glenn Beck when he says Mister X copied his site. He's talking about an investor that GB has been having on his show several times.

This is really BIG. Glenn Beck exposed AGAIN!!

Unbelievable what an a-hole! Glenn Beck is money over principles for sure! Recommend this as frontpage news!!