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Here's the Absolute Magic Bullet for getting credit card collection agencies OFF YOUR BACK!

Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on "Debt Validation Letter"; it's a word doc that you fill out.


If something is in CAPITAL letters, you replace it with CAPITAL letters.

First you'll need to go to the post office and get a certified mail sticker/label and a signature return receipt (solid green color) that will be returned to you with the signature of who ever received your letter. This is your proof they received it.

The certified mail label (green & white label) will have a number on it that you will type up top of page 1 of your letter.

Make 2 copies of this 5 page letter; keep one for yourself. Make a copy of the letter the credit card co. or collection agency sent you and use it as the cover letter in your packet; it will be paper clipped to the other 5 pages.

Take the letter and get it notarized and mail it off. The day they receive the letter, you'll never hear from them again.

Absolutely guaranteed to work 100%. I've personally used it on 3 different cards, and here's their reply:

******************** CRICKETS ********************

They will make your collection account disappear; they will avoid you like the plague; you've just busted them in fraud and they know it. They cannot dispute your claim, it's impossible. If they can't dispute your affidavit point by point within 30 days, you win. It's over.

Try it, it works with tactical precision; deadly, deadly .......... DEADLY!

My friends have used it with 100% success too. Once you send this letter to the agency trying to collect from you, they will instantly make your collection account disappear.

One note: You can't send this to the original creditor/credit card company, you've got to wait until the account is sent to a third party debt collector. I remember hearing Dave Mack talk about that one night on one of his discussions, but don't remember the exact specifics of it.

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The Link takes you to a page BUT. . .

when you "scroll down" and find and click on the link that says "Debt Validation Letters" it just takes you to another page with a bunch of "Sponsored Listings" one of which is "Debt Validation Letters" and when you click on that it just takes you to this "ask.com" page with more paid for links to various things having to do with "Debt Validation Letters" but nowhere is there a definitive "word doc" as described in the original post. If "The South" wants to post the document in question directly then have at it but otherwise this is just a waste of a LOT of people's time I expect.

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Here's the actual letter

malicious Website

My malware security stopped the link.
avoid it!

total bs

the injustice system doesn't care about any so-called rules. try this crap and you will eventually find that out.

"Show me the government that does not infringe upon anyone's rights, and I will no longer call myself an anarchist." ~Jacob Halbrooks

I clicked on the link and the complete page shows up in

Google Chrome, but a much abbreviated page shows up in Microsoft Explorer. Neither one has a doc to download at the part that says "Debt Validation Letter". Does anyone else experience this?


I was waiting for the punchline

and was imagining elaborate forms of suicide.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Most of us here at the DP do

Most of us here at the DP do not love banks, but you can choose not to use a credit card. If you use a credit card and do not pay your debt, you are both a liar and a thief.

REALLY??? A liar and a thief??

HOW SO?? THES FU--CKIN CRIMINALS USE ILLEGAL MONEY LAUNDERING TO LITERALLY create fake money out of thin air! They don't operate like a normal business,(ie save a bunch of money to open a business and loan it out via "credit") They didn't even have any money to "loan" in the first place!! So if someone figures that out... and calls them out on it , then your saying that person is a liar and a thief?

ARE YOU INSANE??? or do you just work for a bank/credit card company/ etc???

No, I don't work for a bank,

No, I don't work for a bank, I just believe in being honest. When you get a credit card you sign your name to a promise to repay what you borrow. If you don't at least try and repay, then you are being dishonest.

Sorry, but you've got a lot

Sorry, but you've got a lot of catching up to do. The banks love to hear people say what you just said. Unfortunately, it demonstrates your absolute ignorance of the banking system, not to mention the law.

ok, you have convinced me.

ok, you have convinced me. Can you loan me some money? I promise I will pay it back.

No banking institution is

No banking institution is loaning anyone any money. That is why I say you've got a lot of ctchibg up to do. They loan you your own credit. It's not the same thing, not even close. You may think it's splitting hairs but it's not. The word DEBT has a meaning. Credit accounts are not debt and yet they try to collect as if it was debt. I think you do not understand the banking system so you do not see the fraud being perpetrated upon you.

Sure ...

I will loan you some of my personal private credit notes. I can print them in any denomination you like in units of HAM's. However, I do not want to be paid back in private credit notes in units of HAM's because they are worthless. As long as you are ok promising to pay back however many units of private credit I lend in a like for like equivalent in units of dollars I can forward you a contract immediately. In the meantime I will continue to lobby government to obtain legal tender status for my private credit notes so others are forced to accept them at face value. No guarantees though it appears bankers are a little finicky about outsiders cutting into the action of their monopoly cartel operations and counterfeiting racket.

Debtorboards - Sue Your Creditor and Win! - Info Center

I found this site useful..... http://www.debtorboards.com

Here is a good example...


"Everything has been quiet as a church mouse, until I received a letter from the IRS stating that Chase Manhattan forgave an alleged debt back on 12/31/2005 and now I supposedly owe income tax and penalties on my 2005 Tax return. I never received squat from Chase Manhattan before which includes, letters, 1099c or anything. The original alleged debt was with Bank One of Delaware NA a/k/b First USA Bank NA. How would Chase Manhattan have anything to do with this alleged debt? I originally sent a Validation request to Mann Bracken concerning the alleged debt from First USA Bank NA back in early 2003. They did not respond nor did they purue their threat of Arbitration. The last payment on the original debt to First USA Bank Na was 11/15/2001. On the IRS paperwork is listed Chase Manhattan in Texas and it listed a date of sale of 12/31/2005. What do you learned ones think of all this and what if anything can I do to squeek by on this?"


"Actually (and speaking as an Enrolled Agent) I wouldn't be panicking yet either. There is a significant loophole in the taxability of discharged debt that many people facing this issue overlook.

I direct you to Internal Revenue Code Section 108(a)(1)(B) and 108(a)(3) which allows a taxpayer to exclude from income "indebtedness that occurs while the taxpayer is insolvent (but not involved in bankruptcy proceedings) up to the amount by which the taxpayer is insolvent."

Translated into common language and everyday usage, as long as, after the debt cancellation, you still owe more than you own then you can exclude the cancelled debt from your income and tell the IRS to stuff their 1099C. In the absence of anything to the contrary, IRS will always assume the taxpayer solvent and the 1099C is fully taxable.

How do you show you are insolvent? First, let's take a look at the concept of insolvency. ...... "

I found this fascinating....

Mind Games

Let's keep this simple.

Don't borrow money you don't expect to repay.

When you issue an IOU, you redeem it or you are a liar.

When you buy something, don't commit fraud by withholding payment.

If you find yourself unable to fulfill your commitment, the bankruptcy provision is available, but be aware of the consequences.

How in the world can people who believe in freedom from government be comfortable with schemes to defraud others of payment of debt?

We are supposedly showing the rest of the world how people can live together without government. How can we do that if we can't control our own affairs?

Pay off your credit card each month. If you can't do that, cut up the card.

First I agree with what you wrote here. But it doesn't apply to

this post.

This post isn't about not paying the credit card company who extended you credit. (or any other entity)

The post even explicitly points this out at the end.

This is about ending harrassment by THIRD PARTY debt collectors.

They never loaned you anything or extended any credit to you. You have no contract or argreement with them. They don't have your signature on anything. They gave you nothing of value. You owe THEM nothing.

If you owe anyone, it is the ORIGINAL creditor.

What happened, is that the original creditor decided not to try to collect from you any more. A 3rd party collection agency paid the original creditor a percentage of the debt in exchange for basic contact info and maybe a brief report of how much you owed the original creditor and even rarely, what you owed it for. (what you purchased with that credit)

At this point, the original creditor takes the percentage and calls it a day. They write off the loss (difference between what the 3rd party paid them and what you originally owed) and take it against their income reporting which lowers their taxes.

What just happened is that this 3rd party collection agency just paid part of your debt for you, and then the original creditor took a tax break in exchange for collecting the rest.

If I pay your debt for you, do you 'owe' me anything legally? Do I magically get the power to harass you, not only for what I paid your creditor, but possibly even the FULL sum of the original debt?

Even if I did this on my own and you never agreed for me to pay on your behalf?

Collection agencies are pariahs.

They are scam artists start to finish.

You owe THEM nothing.

Pay your original debts to your original creditors.

If they refuse payment because they've already written it off and/or 'sold' the debt to a collector, then you owe NOTHING.

There is no court that can enforce a judgement against you because no one has any proof you owe anything to THEM.

If you still think these collection agencies should be 'compensated' for paying your debt, then go ahead and pay them - what they paid the original creditor - but good luck finding that out.

You can get close to this figure by holding out as long as possible. You'll see them try to offer you "a deal" by 'settling' for a lower amount. I promise you, they STILL are making a profit at that amount.

Frequently, if you hold out long enough, they'll repeat the cycle and 'sell' your info to another collector for pennies on the dollar. Then this new collector will try to harrass you for the FULL ORIGINAL AMOUNT even though they may have paid as little as 5-10%, and then, they paid it to the first 3rd party collector, not the original creditor.

You opened my mind to

You opened my mind to something new. I'm not real sure I believe you that this is effective 100% of time, that there will never be any kickback, but the reasoning seems sound.

credit card companies do not

credit card companies do not lend money, the lend "Credit" which is illegal, which makes the contract void ab initio.


just setting the record straight...anyone that borrows "money" should repay the debt. Remember, just because you buy something, does not mean "money" was used. The national banks have the power to create credit out of thin air, and trick you into thinking it is money...then you pay the "credit" back, with your hard earned money.

Well if lending credit is illegal

then taking credit is illegal.

Don't use the stupid card if you can't pay it back.

It's that simple.

What kind of a person thinks they can have "stuff" for free. Yes, the concept of credit preys on the weak...just like the predatory lending that brought about the housing crisis. But what happened to common sense and responsibility?

So, make poor decisions and look for a loop-hole to free yourself from your poor decisions. Responsibility for one's action???? What is that?

Isn't this a similar mindset promoted by the Nanny-State?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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and to add...

As you pay back the creditors; the creditors keep the money out of thin air, plus interest, and in some cases late fees. Thus the US dollar continues its downward decline. What a racket. The illegal counterfeiting operation continues...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."


Don't borrow money you don't expect to repay.
With you so far... but things happen sometimes that you can't foresee. 'Expect' is the chink in that armor.

When you issue an IOU, you redeem it or you are a liar.
Agreed 100%. But when someone comes to you and says "You owed Mike money but Mike lost your debt in a card game to Milt, then Milt sold your debt to Ed. Ed turned it over to Bernie cause he owed Bernie already and then Bernie unloaded it on me rather than I break his legs..." and has no proof of anything he says...are you obliged to pay him? Simple?

When you buy something, don't commit fraud by withholding payment.
That's not what anyone is talking about here. However, if you cannot prove the debt, do I have the obligation to pay it?

If you find yourself unable to fulfill your commitment, the bankruptcy provision is available, but be aware of the consequences.
Yes that's true but you would think a lender would be aware of the market and work with mortgagees in order to keep them solvent -and paying- rather than just taking the property and flooding the market with thousands of foreclosed houses.

How in the world can people who believe in freedom from government be comfortable with schemes to defraud others of payment of debt?
It's the 'schemes to defraud others' that we are discussing. You are only focusing on the end-user:the homeowner/credit card user/borrower. The fraud exists on both sides of the fence.

We are supposedly showing the rest of the world how people can live together without government. How can we do that if we can't control our own affairs?
Living without the government would have solved most of this. The government plays favorites with the banking/credit industry and you know it. If you don't then you should get out a little more. As long as the cash kept flowing in, everything was great. When that stops, the lenders turn back to the government and scream "HELP US!"... and they do. That's all the little people are asking now. But there is no one listening. Not even you.

Pay off your credit card each month. If you can't do that, cut up the card.
Again, I agree 100%. Having said that, I am carrying a balance for the first time in my life since the construction industry is resting on it's ass right now. I work one week, then I'm off a week (or two). Shall I cut up my credit card and feed your valuable advice to my children?

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

Stop being so simplistic

Nothing dealing with banks is this simple minded. Be serious. The banks manipulate people who have been paying faithfully into default and screw their credit to stop them from going elsewhere with their business, then they sit back and tighten the screws.

Most people pay their credit card "balances" off 2 and 3 times over before the bottom line says zero. On top of that, the sites like kiva.com and other crowd funding organizations have a nearly zero default rate. It's like 1/4 to 1/2% of the poorest people don't pay back these loans.

Maybe you apologize for the banks for fractional reserve banking to fund the government too?

i redrafted the banks and

i redrafted the banks and filed a 1099-A, me being the lender and the bank being the borrower, pursuant to our agreement. None of the purported banks have refuted my claim the banks then sold it to debt collectors who i redrafted and they went away.

once established one could bill them and ask for the security and all proceeds back, or a zero balance.

UCC 8-102(a)(1) or (1)(a) Im to lazy to look it up

I could have used...

UCC 8-102(a)(1) or (1)(a) for my court battle but no one at the time of my dilema suggest these codes. Oh well - better late than never. Thanks :)

Found it - it is (a) (1) and here is the link below


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

To those who say this is wrong

In some cases you MAY be right, but not always.

I've done this and it worked very well. Now, before you judge me on the morals of not paying my debt hear the basis for why I did it.

I had perfect credit, a 20 year history with this card and an unGodly high credit limit. When I joined finances with a former fiance, I put her $8,500 debt at 29% on my card at 0% for one year. We rebuilt a house and she wanted lots more than we could pay for while she was blowing money left and right. When it ended (obviously), she walked out with 2 months of my mortgage payment. That went into default and through the magic of universal default, my card went to 29.9%. But that's not all. After checking my terms, I found that they had just prior to then changed them to include UD as well as reducing my credit limit, upping the overlimit fee and a few others. I hunted for my recourse which was only to pay it off and close the account. Not having another card, that wasn't an option. (Tried a little but found I now didn't qualify for very low interest anywhere) So, while trying to figure this out, it was on automatic payments at an amount higher than the minimum payment by quite a bit so I didn't worry about that. Then, without warning, they held one payment for 6 days, making it late, dropped the credit limit to the exact balance (to the penny), charged an overlimit fee, then a late payment and added that to the next month's minimum payment. I got the statement after this had all been charged. To top it off, this happened the very month that congress's infinite wisdom kicked in and changed the minimum payment from 2% to 3%. Needless to say my payment was too little and by the next month, I couldn't even make the minimum payment (because I still had to cover the two missed mortgage payments.

I kept my end of the bargain with that card, but it was them that changed the rules, played the dates and stuck me with every cent they could get. So, I sat down and figured what I would have paid them TO THE CENT if they hadn't pulled any games. When I reached that point, I stopped. I've not paid them one more cent since. And to anyone who says I should, they can kiss my ... EFF them all! I'm not alone in this as 3 of my neighbors have been screwed as bad or worse than me for no reason of their own.

How long has it been since you stop paying?

...1 week, 1 month, 1 year???

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

33 months

Each 6 months or so after that, they switched to a new collection agency but after the 3rd one all correspondence stopped. I still have to send the last part where I go after them to remove the bad marks on my credit report. I'm just putting that off.


I appreciate your expanded information. It is helpful...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

ACinMA's picture

Student loans?

Does this work for student loans too? or is that a whole other can of worms?

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Good question!