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New Liberty Video Site!

I'm not entirely sure if this is useful or not, but I thought I'd let my liberty lovers aware of it. I've toyed with a video site for the liberty movement but have not been able to really get it to work as I wanted it to. But.. I've finally found a plugin which will search YouTube for Ron Paul and other terms and present the results (sorting by date) them all on one page.

So if you go to my site (http://www.fatlibertarian.com) you will see what should be the most recent "Ron Paul & friends" videos. Each video will load within the page for ease of access.

Today there's a lot of the Alex Jones interviews with Ron Paul and Schiff, but there should be more variety in the coming days as the list updates automatically. Just a cool way to get all our videos in one place, automatically!

I could spend hours listening liberty videos though, so maybe I'm just wierd. ;) But seems like a good page to send "liberty virgins" who need a crash course. Guess we should send Congress there, then. lol..


I've actually expounded the idea to include some of my favorite youtube personalities such as DemCad, Stephan Molenxuye, can't spell his name, and more.

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One recommendation, for

One recommendation, for multi-part videos, combine into a single playlist and post that.

Great job

well done and thank you for sharing this with us.

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Thank You

Great site, thanks for posting it.