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MSNBC host coaxes Ron Paul to run

MSNBC host coaxes Ron Paul to run

MSNBC’s rocky on-again-off-again love affair with the Paul family took a new turn on Tuesday, with host Dylan Ratigan practically begging Ron Paul to run for president.

At the conclusion of an interview Tuesday afternoon, Ratigan rattled off the names in the Republican presidential field before concluding that Paul was the strongest in the field.

“Before I go, I've got to say you – judging just as an observer... I look at the Republican field [and] see Palin, Bachmann, Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, I think… there's no way any of them are better than you for the Republican nomination,” Ratigan declared.

“Seriously,” he continued. “I’m not saying your answers are all right. I don't know whether your answers are all right or not. But I do know the way that you frame the debate around the issues that this country faces is the most honest.”

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