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Silver moving towards $40/oz. as Ron Paul investigates US Mint

Silver moving towards $40 an ounce as Ron Paul to investigate the US Mint

Silver and gold have been the big winners on April 5th while the economy stagnates on lower manufacturing news. Silver crossed over $39 an ounce, and is just .70 short of $40. Gold however, has gained nearly $20 today and is at a new all time high of $1455. These moves are coming as a new report comes out that Congressman Ron Paul is intending to hold hearings on why the US Mint has silver shortages to sell to the public.

Meanwhile, the dollar is flat, holding just under its open today at 75.83 on the index. Oil is still over $108 a barrel, but is down .21 on today's trading.

One of the reasons for the rise in silver is a report yesterday by Kitco on Ron Paul's investigation into the US Mint. Since the beginning of the year, the US Mint has failed in its mandate to provide silver bullion to the public because of what they deem as shortages in the metal. The Mint's charter does not allow for them to use this reason for not facilitating a market for silver purchasing by the public, and this is the main cause for Congressman Paul to seek answers from the institution.

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Collecting my first order of Silver today :-)

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The truth from the US Mint is what Ron Paul is after.

$40/oz. will sound cheap pretty soon. Get some if you can before you can't anymore.


American Silver Eagels and Canadian silver Maple Leafs considered legal tender?

I went to collect my parcel from Gib customs earlier and they told me they needed to check to see if the coins are legal tender. If they are, then I should not have to pay any duty on importing them.

Am I correct?

According to both the Canadian mint and the US mint, both coins are considered legal tender



“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

legal tender

You did your research. They are legal tender.


Ask them what the issue is. If it's for tax purposes then say yes, legal tender. If they are looking for money laundering then say you are collecting them.

This is the last chance to save your family financially before

the big implosion. All digital assets will be wiped out as the private insurance script known as the Federal reserve note goes to zero. embrace it as we will finally shake off one hundred years of Fascism that began in 1913.