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The Last Laugh

I was reading an article in an older (Sept 2oo4) Readers Digest this morning. The title The Last Laugh by Shea Dean about the man who changed the men's boxers from boring to what it is today. Nick Graham (Joe Boxer) The excerpt in it that caught my eye......

He also designed a pair emblazoned with images of $500 bills-or tried to anyway. Some neighborhood kids found Graham's silkscreen test sheets in the trash and believing they's happened on a counterfeiter, told their parents, who alerted authorities. Federal agents came banging on Graham's door and confiscated all the materials related to the offending shorts. To this day Graham doesn't understand what the fuss was about-the governments stopped printing $500 bills in 1945-but he couldn't be more grateful for it.

It goes onto say that the bust made the local papers and orders came flooding in for his kooky boxers.

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