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2012 candidates: Dr. Paul not mentioned


This guy, while an Israel loving neocon at times, is a smart guy, and writes very good pieces about various topics that are discussed on this site all the time.

I didn't expect him to be a big Ron Paul fan I guess, but to not even see him so much as MENTIONED in this piece took this blogger down about 37 notches in my book.

Not a big deal, and this guy isn't MSM, or a major news outlet, but my frustration (since I've enjoyed a lot of his columns in the past) compelled me to post this here.

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I also love how the potential

I also love how the potential 2012 candidates are silent on Paul Ryan's budget, implicating that it's "risky" to endorse it because the cuts are so drastic and so draconian. Ron Paul probably wouldn't endorse it wholeheartedly either, but for the opposite reason... we need to go farther, be smarter.

The honest truth still scares

The honest truth still scares people I guess.

Hugh Hewitt talked about...

...private donations(raised through right-wing talk radio) funding a debate between the "significant seven"...in order to break the stranglehold of the mainstream media over politics...and he specifically said; "I don't care what Ron Paul thinks about it" on his show Monday.

Obviously Dr. Paul is not one of the "significant seven".

Severely EARLY marginalizing of us and our guy going on by war-loving, spending-drunk, talking-heads & Neo-Cons; whose priority is ONLY re-election of their best, and most sincere "Tea Party" turncoats.

Where is this guy now(the judge)?


Also to note, Rand Paul is

Also to note, Rand Paul is not mentioned either (even though he touches on other "young guns" such as Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio).