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CNN Ron Paul raises most money for 2012

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Ron Paul Hinted Strongly he might Announce his candidacy

on April 19 when his new book, "Liberty Defind" is released.


do I have this Deja-Vu feeling?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

give it another month

I feel similarly.
We'll see. This surely isn't 2007 for Dorothy.

Of course, when Ron Paul raises more than 2 times the amount

than anyone else so far, this is meaningless.

Ann in Florida


if anyone else had raised the most money

the media would have declared them the next president



It is amazing how much

It is amazing how much disdain the MSM has for Ron Paul.

MSM Disdain? Why?

Yes it is amazing the disdain the MSM has for Ron Paul. I would really like to know why that is. It appears that is changing recently, he is getting a lot more respect and doing more interviews. Fox news especially is very anti Paul with the single exception of the Judge.

It's scripted that way.

It's scripted that way. Our MSM is more controlled than communist China's.

They are corporate members of the CFR.
AIPAC also has considerable influence.

The MSM and it's puppeteers are not lovers of liberty.

You know what this reminds me

You know what this reminds me of?


This video keeps on giving me tears and tears, time and time again. The USA is a patient on a pacemaker and with IVs that's being sent to the OR every single time TPTB want and is gradually dying on the OR table. Question is: will we have a chance to win this time?

I think it's unfortunate that

I think it's unfortunate that the validity of a candidate is based on his ability to raise and attract $$$$

If It Was From Corportate Donors

I would agree, but Ron Pauls donations are from individuals. People who gave money, not solicited from his campaign but spontaneously given freely in a grass roots up swelling across the whole country, now that's cool!

mitt looks pissed


Donald Trump? Why not Donald

Donald Trump? Why not Donald Duck?

Ronald McDonald would have more credibility.

...and fries.

Money Talks

Get ready for the money game people.

The news likes political money talk and looking at the field... RP could blow them out of the water.

With the current field of candidates he really does have a chance at the nomination.

If support for Ron Paul are 10-14% Nationwide, a One Day 'Money

Bomb' could easily generate donations in excess of 10 Million..Now, if the servers don't crash during the event I will be surprised.

Wow! We can deal with problems like this..

Run Ron Run !!

On or about April 19

the announcement and then .... go crazy folks .....

Defend Liberty

"Freedom is popular - it brings people together" RP 2012

they thought....

they thought the "moneybombs" were big last time ....... just wait 'til this time, you pukes.......

"These numbers really don't mean anything....."

yet, if it were Romney in 1st place the narrative would have been:

"These numbers CLEARLY show that Governor Romney in a commanding lead towards getting the GOP nomination..."

Cowardous, treasonous, hopelessly corrupt BASTARDS every one of 'em.

The MSM will try to discredit Dr. Paul

like they did last time, but this time will be different.

As soon as he announces, I'm going to buy 100 yard signs and give them to anyone who will put it on their front yard.

I could not hear it so well,

I could not hear it so well, but seeing Ron's picture on top, the very top, on a MSM show warmed all of the cockles of my heart.

I guess we couldn't hear it

I guess we couldn't hear it because a picture speaks a 1000 words louder than what that guy probably said (Mitt, Mitt, Mitt)

Kind of makes you

want to give again.

Billion dollar campaign, trillion dollar bailout, can you tell me what's the definition of a sellout?

i did


You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Ron Paul is just getting started.... You think he has a lot now just wait will he announces...


MSM no less. That is awesome.

Can't hear the video.

It's amazing...

How can these networks talk about how important fundraising is as a show of campaign strength, and then still not admit Paul is the true frontrunner?

In 2007, they kept saying he had to prove he could raise money if he wants to be considered a serious contender, WELL HERE HE IS!


I just posted the same video here -- you were faster so I will delete mine and post yours on Twitter.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

no worries

Ron Paul 2012!