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Did anyone see Jesse Ventura on The View (The P.U.)?

While I'm glad to see someone on that program who can talk some sense to those *&^%!, it disturbs me that Ventura is espousing that he would consider running as Ron's VP. I mean, who asked him? Even if Ron does run, would Ventura be the best choice?

Also, those @#$%! mentioned that Ron would be on the program soon. I hope they can stop quipping long enough to actually listen to what he says. Ron needs to get prepped to say just the right things, so that the few minutes he's allowed are used to the best advantage.

I think Huckster's going to be on tomorrow, & I expect Elizabeth is already gathering her saliva glands so she can slobber all over him to the max.

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He would be good as Sec. of Defense.

He does not look for fights, but is willing to be aggressively defensive.

Maybe even Sec. of State. He knows bull when he hears it.

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