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Inflation concerns cause Treasuries to fall

From CNN:

"The ECB's potential move would come just days after the People's Bank of China just hiked interest rates for the fourth in time in six months.

The interest rate hikes leave the Federal Reserve as the odd man out. The central bank has kept interest rates near 0% since December 2008 and that's starting to make investors nervous that inflationary pressures may hit sooner rather than later."


From The Wall Street Journal:

"Also, the meeting minutes showed a difference of opinion among Fed members about the timing of an initial rate increase.

"A few [Fed] participants indicated that economic conditions might warrant a move toward less accommodative monetary policy this year; a few others noted that exceptional policy accommodation could be appropriate beyond 2011," the FOMC minutes said.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Monday termed the recent rise of energy and commodity prices as a temporary phenomenon, but pledged that the Fed would act if he's proven wrong."


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