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Glen Beck leaving Fox

Seems like him and Ailes aren't seeing eye to eye.


If only Ailes had the sense to invite Tom Woods to take his slot. Same general demographic, now looking to go deeper into the topics shown to be popular by Beck, and with a level of hard hitting intellectual rigor Beck could only dream of.

If Beck ends up with his own network, needing co-anchors, that's another venue where we, given our numbers, could help sway decisions.

Beck opened a lot of floodgates, and as hard a time as many here tend to give him, lots and lots of people originally started questioning the MSM because of him. In many cases putting them on a course that eventually lead to Ron Paul.

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Remember Medina.

This seems to be a ruse to make one think there is a rift between Beck and Murdock, there is not. This is just posturing to secure likely voters for RP as viewers and give the appearance FOX is shifting away from neo conservative/ tea party slant to more libertarian programming. They will attempt to frame libertarians around neo con issues all the same. Also remember how many times they reset their own poll to bump RP from #1.

Thank God that Face in the Crowd character

is gone...

An opportunity in disguise?

This could be a huge opportunity for Beck if he does it right.

IMO, he should charge full steam ahead to maximize his online presence. There are so many things that he could do and he has the resources to make it happen.

Ultimately, he could create his own distribution channel online which could include video, audio, still photo & textual content. Nobody would need to watch at 5pm or when it is repeated at 2am, but they could consume the content whenever they want (the way most people prefer). There could be multiple revenue streams.

Look at what the Huffington Post pulled off in less than 6 years (a 300+ million dollar acquisition). I think Beck could use a similar model, but improve on it greatly and end up with much more value in the same length of time.


Starting September 12th,

Starting September 12th, GBTV: http://www.gbtv.com/

Close to what I was expecting/predicting.

It'll start with his show, but I'm guessing that GBTV will eventually recruit other talent to their network.


I think just his personal involvement with Alex Jones alone

got him kicked. The two dueling radio shows got a little bit too much for outside journalists not to notice, and FOXNEWS has no interest in acknowledging AJ (at any costs), so they said goodbye to Glenn.

And why does Glenn have to care so much? He only had ~2M viewers per nite which is chickenfeed and his radio franchise is far, far larger. He's probably looking to further the angst on radio vs. Alex Jones in the future, and was also probably offered a severance. Who ever cares about Glenn Beck.

Does anyone know how to spell that little sound

that we make when we hear something so dumb beyond words?

You don't know what you got

till it's gone.

Beck was the most libertarian show on Fox News channel. Hopefully, he's not replaced with something less libertarian.

My favorite people in the world: Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, Peter Schiff, Judge Napolitano, Milton Friedman, Bob Barr, and John Stossel

I think Freedom Watch and Stossel's show

would be considered "the most libertarian shows" on Fox News. Glenn COULD be libertarian one day..... but if the wind changed, so would his opinions. I think that is why you see so much animosity towards him here. He has, MANY times in the past, started sounding like he was on track, only to turn around and betray and destroy a great idea or person.

He is just unpredictable and volatile. I don't know if it is because he just can't quite "get" the core libertarian philosophy, or if he is just a showman and swings with the fads, or if he is unbalanced. But you could never really relax and be confident that he would stick to a straight libertarian track, rather than swerving off the rails.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

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Who is Ailes?

That article is almost impossible to comprehend. : /

I never could absorb that kind of writing style. It's kind of "all over the place without ever making a point."

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