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WSJ/NBC Poll: A Donald Trump Surprise

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney appears to be the early front-runner in the largely unformed race for the Republican nomination for president, but real estate magnate Donald Trump may be a surprise contender, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.


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Trump may just be a trump card; mitt romney is a doof

Trump might fight the GOP leaders and stick to the ballot along with Ron Paul. It would be interesting to see ballots in 50 states dividing Ron Paul, Trump, and Romney(or whomever).

Donald Trump will spend a billion dollars bringing Obama down and we should quietly allow him to do so. He is not going after Ron Paul's votes all the money in the world will not buy our votes, WE are actually ones to push our money out to Ron Paul. Trump clearly has nothing for Ron Paul supporters and he specifically said so. His money will have an effect on Obama and the general public, they will not like what they hear about Obama but they will not be hugely impressed by a candidate with a million-billion dollars; unless they raise it like Ron Paul. Trump can't touch this.

by the time the ballot reached Vermont in 2008 it just had Ron Paul and John McCain. Vermont has an open primary but anyone left of center mostly voted to make sure "Hillary doesn't beat Obama" today if voting like that isn't obviously moot to my fellow Vermonters I'll cry.

Ron Paul RON PAUL RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fake Poll

Where are the details on this poll? How many polled? What was the exact phrasing of the question? No mention of Ron Paul. Something doesn't smell right.

If anybody can find more info on this poll please post it.

Gaaa!, This is still on the front page top of drudge...

The way I see this, The ONLY reason Trump is being pushed is to discredit Ron Paul. This articles sole purpose is to communicate the idea that Ron Paul is so unelectable that he's not even worth mentioning in a pole where Donald Trump the clown comes in second to the NeoConSocialist's pretty boy Romney.

Isn't it incredible that

Isn't it incredible that somehow Jimmy Carter, an obscure Georgia governor suddenly became the choice of the American people, and got himself elected president? And then there was Bill Clinton. And then there was Barrack Obama. Now, suddenly we are told that Donald Trump is our choice.

If this doesn't demonstrate how the powers behind the scenes manipulate public opinion, I don't know what would. Ron Paul raises more money than any other candidate, wins almost every poll on the Internet, and yet we are told that he is insignificant.

Where is the groundswell for Donald Trump? It in mainstream media. They just can't stop talking about him. The fact that mainstream media is so intrigued by him ought to tell yu that he is not our friend.

A nine candidate field

and Ron Paul wasn't even among them. Haley Barbour was the ninth. Unbelievable!!

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Trump is

One of those little naked plastic toys with that epic posable hair that you'd have chilling on your desk in 4th grade.

This is no real poll. relax.


Ron Paul isn't even mentioned

Ron Paul isn't even mentioned in that poll...

I hope Rand and Ron BOTH run for President. They'll own the debates

Two Pauls are Better than One

If it's anything like the last round of debates, it will take at least Two Pauls to get equal airtime to the Banker-backed puppets. LOL

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