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This is pretty interesting! Protandim - Anti-aging!

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Sounds like everyone other

Sounds like everyone other product claiming the same thing. I hear it every Sunday on the radio early morning. To many things are to good to be true.

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We might all need to live longer,

to see Ron Paul's message for America fulfilled.

Anything that help's the awakened helps humanity.

This post is not relevent to ....

what the DP is about! It's a spam.




Of course it is!

We need to load up on these pills and Give them all to The good Dr. So he can live forever!!!

I guess that is why

Daily Paul has a health forum.

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but you have posted a MLM marketing technique

(which is prone to spamming)
look at the wording at the end of the video, look at the wording in the form below it: it's about adding another node to the marketing pyramid.


Here's a good article that looks at it both ways, links to the known test results, and claims it isn't a scam:

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