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I'm getting a headache

Huckabee is talking with Jon Stewart about the constitution. Ha. Can you freakin believe it. Huckabee is talking about the constitution. This has to be the funniest freakin show on TV. I mean... Huckabee... is talking about the constitution. He's an expert on the constitution now. I don't know how much more I can take. I mean c'mon. Whats next...Julie Annie joins the 911 truth movement. It's goddamned bizarre.

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I want to hear nobody, but nobody talk about the Constitution...

who either supports the Patriot Act or opposed Rand Paul's resolution on Libya.

Ya Ron schooled him. He had

Ya Ron schooled him. He had hardly heard of it in 2008. Uses it like a "buzzword" now. Still probably would do nothing to protect it.