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Coalition Of Superpowers Joins Rebels In USA's Civil War, Defeats Abraham Lincoln

Source: Royal Crown News

Richmond, VA The rebel forces that make up the Confederate States of America (CSA) are finally successful after some of the major superpowers of the world provided military aid and launched attacks against Abraham Lincoln's union forces.

Several major cities in the southern portion of what was formerly the United States have erupted into spontaneous celebration upon news of the CSA victory. The largest celebration taking place in the capitol city of Richmond, Virginia where Abraham Lincoln signed a surrender agreement recognizing the CSA and its President, Jefferson Davis.

"This would not have been possible without the help of foreign intervention in our civil war", said President Davis.

The rebel forces of the CSA had suffered many setbacks at the hands of Lincoln's forces. It was beginning to look like a defeat for the CSA until the foreign intervention began. Once the foreign nations began attacking union forces, the tide began to turn. Weakened by this action, Abraham Lincoln was forced to retreat his soldiers from the disputed territory. Several countries had called for Lincoln to step down and threatened military action but those efforts were only increased just recently.

Uncertainty lies ahead.

The CSA plans to hold its first elections in 1862. The newly-formed nation consists of 11 of the former United States (USA) that had seceeded from the government of their former nation. Much remains to be seen of what will become of this new nation.

(This piece is purely satire, but it illustrates what can happen to the natural course of a nation when foreign nations intervene in a country's civil war just as we are doing in Libya today)

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While this may be a somewhat accurate analogy, it is not

a good one.

I don't think it would convince people not to intervene. Especially in the South. I think it would have just the opposite effect.

You stole it!

My analogy, that is. Good stuff. I've been saying to my black friends and co-workers, "Just think if Spain had decided to help the rebels in our civil war..."

Needless to say, they are all speechless when confronted with that notion.