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Where we are realistically for 2012

Google search comparison shows "Ron Paul" was Googled far more than "Mitt Romney" or "Newt Gingrich" in the past 12 months:

By contrast, the same page shows Romney and Gingrich have received far more news mention than Dr. Paul in the same interval. We may see lots of Ron Paul coverage linked on Daily Paul but must face the fact that there is still a determined effort to exclude Dr. Paul from news stories speculating on who the GOP might field in 2012. If this continues into the primary season, the likely result is that the millions of voters still dependent on the old media will not even consider Dr. Paul if he decides to enter the race. New strategies for both breaking into old media coverage and bypassing it must be pursued.

Two potential 2012 GOP candidates, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, have been Google-searched and reported on far more than Dr. Paul recently according to Google search statistics:

Dailypaul.com traffic ranking is #14,556, far higher than any Web site dedicated to Palin, Romney, Gingrich, or Trump according to Alexa.com. (Google is #1, Facebook #2.) Most of the Daily Paul traffic originates in the US but there is an amazing amount stemming from interest in other countries. From Nov. 5, 2010 to Apr. 2, 2011 there were
2,139,589 visits to dailypaul.com, including these nations with over 1,000 visits each:

United States (US)________ 1,914,440
Canada (CA)_____________ 71,850
United Kingdom (GB)______ 49,270
Germany (DE)____________ 28,200
Australia (AU)____________ 21,640
France (FR)______________ 16,260
Netherlands (NL)_________ 14,370
Sweden (SE)_____________ 9,190
India (IN)_______________ 8,460
Italy (IT)________________ 7,880
Japan (JP)_______________ 7,220
Belgium (BE)_____________ 7,150
Poland (PL)______________ 7,000
Spain (ES)_______________ 6,900
Norway (NO)_____________ 6,520
Switzerland (CH)__________ 6,410
Brazil (BR)_______________ 5,840
Finland (FI)______________ 5,470
Mexico (MX)______________ 5,180
Ireland (IE)______________ 5,060
Austria (AT)______________ 4,510
China (CN)_______________ 4,440
Denmark (DK)____________ 4,310
Korea, Republic of (KR)____ 4,300
Philippines (PH)__________ 4,150
New Zealand (NZ)________ 3,970
Singapore (SG)___________ 3,890
Czech Republic (CZ)_______ 3,750
Hong Kong (HK)__________ 3,440
Portugal (PT)_____________ 3,330
Thailand (TH)____________ 3,250
Greece (GR)_____________ 3,150
Romania (RO)____________ 3,100
South Africa (ZA)_________ 3,010
Malaysia (MY)____________ 2,980
Russian Federation (RU)___ 2,920
Taiwan (TW)_____________ 2,890
Argentina (AR)___________ 2,580
Pakistan (PK)____________ 2,570
Croatia (HR)_____________ 2,430
Hungary (HU)____________ 2,170
Slovenia (SI)_____________ 2,110
Saudi Arabia (SA)_________ 2,080
Indonesia (ID)___________ 2,050
Slovakia (SK)_____________ 2,020
Turkey (TR)______________ 2,000
Costa Rica (CR)___________ 1,840
Israel (IL)_______________ 1730
Puerto Rico (PR)__________ 1,660
Serbia (RS)______________ 1,590
United Arab Emirates (AE)__ 1,510
Ukraine (UA)_____________ 1,390
Bulgaria (BG)____________ 1,350
Iceland (IS)_____________ 1,330
Egypt (EG)______________ 1,290
Chile (CL)_______________ 1,050
Colombia (CO)___________ 1,050
Vietnam (VN)____________ 1,040
(Data taken from ClusterMaps at bottom of right-hand column on this site.)

While the world is becoming ever more connected electronically, the role of international popularity in 2012 is unknowable at this point. It is a wild card that could have positive or negative impact.

We can expect Daily Paul traffic to increase significantly if either Ron or Rand enters the primary race and we can probably anticipate a Ron Paul supremacy in Web presence, as in 2008. Web presence will undoubtedly play a larger role in 2012 than in 2008 but how much larger remains to be seen. Apparently Web presence bore minor influence on vote outcome last time. Of interest would be statistics on new media uptake by the various voter blocks in the intervening period.

Also figuring in is the uptake of the newest media by both voter blocks and the various campaigns. For example, how many and what quality latest-media apps would a Paul campaign have versus other campaigns? How user-friendly is the Daily Paul to newest-media users? Dr. Paul's enthusiastic reception on college campuses probably portends a vibrant newest-media presence as the app writers are likeliest to come from this demographic.

Hopefully other DP'ers will add important insights to this "where we are" assessment.

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maybe this is a bit too dry... :-)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.