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Sen. Rand Paul Speaks About Shutdown and the "Government Shutdown Prevention Act of 2011" 04-08-11

Rand Guest On FOX

Rand speaks about the government shutdown and the "Government Shutdown Prevention Act of 2011," legislation he has introduced as one of the Tea Party Caucus founders, to prevent shutdowns.

Thanks dean for the vid link:


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Trevor Lyman's picture

The person I had trouble

The person I had trouble listening to was the interviewer. I don't think I've ever heard such an asinine series of questions / retorts in all my life.

C'mon Rand, comb your hair.

How can you be president with hair like that?


That's about as combed as Rand's hair gets. He got Carol's curly hair.

I seriously can't listen to

I seriously can't listen to Rand... if he says "well, its interesting" or "the interesting thing is.." one more time, that's it... that is basically saying I wont answer our direct question, but give you some other example of something else.

Why couldn't Ron teach him better, than to be another politician.. I don't even care whether some of his positions are close to Ron. His attitude is very much like most other politicians. I am sad to say that...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...



not an issue big enough for him to do something about it apparently. you and a handful of others. thanks for repeating the same statement for a 100 times anyway like it matters/has substance

"I am sad to say that..."



SteveMT's picture

Rand Paul did answer every question put to him.

You are criticizing nuances of speech, which is minutia IMO.
Ron Paul starts off a lot of his interview sentences with the word 'well," but so what. It is what comes after the idiosyncratic phrase that is much more important to listen to and to criticize. No one else is saying anything substantive at any time, so that is what I am carefully scrutinizing.

Don't you know

that perception is reality in politics? I don't care how honest and straightforward you are, if you twitch your nose or use expressions that grate on listeners, you'll be passed over for someone who provides better listening despite their BS.

Just as I think Ron Paul could do himself a world of good by eliminating "well" from his interviews, I think Rand Paul needs to be more creative in his phraseology so that what he says is always fresh and vibrant. Otherwise we will see him lampooned and cast aside for his predictable verbal mannerisms.

Maybe Rand should write out a list of transitional or introductory expressions that he can review daily and be ready to use, stuff like:

I have a different take on that.
My assessment is...
I have noticed...
Have you noticed...
Has is ever occurred to them...
Valid question but wouldn't you agree that...
Just because an idea is popular doesn't make it valid.
I think it's more valid to say...
Let's think critically about this for a second.
I've studied this very question a lot and...
Do you know the flip side of that argument?
That argument merely proves to me that...
In the spirit of deliberation...
Let me counter that by pointing out...
That is a claim made by people who don't understand.

Well, you get the idea. The list could go on and on, and its use would make Rand a far better communicator because it would eliminate the mind-numbing repetitiveness that he's guilty of at present.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I've sent this to rand's senate office.

Gratuitous advice is seldom heeded but there's always a slim chance...

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

bigmikedude's picture

I've got one too, but I don't think he would use it

"You know what really pisses me off..."

What was Fox trying to pull here?

Did anyone else catch the shots they showed alongside Rand as he was talking?

One was a borderline racist sign that encouraged a government shutdown and said "Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its idiot." That was clearly not Rand's message.

I think that was a subtle, yet deliberate attempt to portray Rand has a pro-shutdown racist. Fox news is so untrustworthy it is unbelievable.

reedr3v's picture

is his statement getting any publicity at all

in any of the rest of the major media?

Trevor Lyman's picture

So when Fox news covers Ron

So when Fox news covers Ron Paul's 2012 campaign for president by running a major story about how he shook hands with a member of the KKK, forgetting to mention Ron Paul had no idea who the guys was, we should thank Fox news for the media coverage?

reedr3v's picture

Sorry I didn't realize it was necessary to

state the obvious on this forum, to avoid being suspected of being soft on Fox bias, or racists holding signs. I thought Rand's statement was very important and was merely asking if it was covered by other networks.
You might pause a moment before lobbing snarky comments at your fellow freedom fighters instead of at enemies of peace and freedom.

Pipe dream:

Lets all hope that they pass Rand Paul's measure here, and then just NEVER come to an agreement.

Eric Hoffer

That would work.

Your widom has been missed here.

Did you come back because Thomas got the boot?


Thomas is gone?

Wow...that's decent news. I've also noticed a lack of Oruval...but I never clashed with him too much.

There's still a few annoying ones left, but I turn 33 next month and need to grow up and stop bickering with these people.

Is Republicae still around? I really enjoyed arguing with him.

Drop by and read "This movement needs to do better". I'd love your input.

Oruval is gone too.

I have read it and I am still digesting.

I will comment later tonight or tomorrow.

It's good to have you back.

Don't leave.

Campaign season is coming.


This place is sorely lacking in character for having lost both of them.

And your opinion is noted.

I don't know about lacking in character.

But, I agree, they will be missed.

They both added a unique perspective.

I only wish they could have done this without blatantly violating the guidelines.

SirFelix actually threatened to kill someone right here on DP and he was not banned, because he has grown and matured.

That is not too much to ask.

These men are

passionate men who know truth and can spot a phoney.

You, of all people, should know that.

Come on Kat ....

We are all passionate people.

That doesn't make it right to go around threatening people here on DP, demeaning people, cursing, using ad hominem attacks as opposed to discussing the issues, making fun of people.

Jefferson used to do this also, but he seems to have been able to grow up a bit.

That is all DP is asking of these "passionate" men.


Lets all march in line, plug ourselves into the guidelines and be grown up like Scott Ryan.

bitch please

AND PS: You've never struck me as the passionate type...ever.

You are responding to someone who ...

has no authority at DP ...

and is probably looked at as an instigator ...

and if I had ever (which I have never) complained about someone, it would actually bring them up a notch here at DP ...

You should express your concerns to someone who can help you.

I am merely suggesting that actions and words have consequences, and until those two can comprehend that, I would bet they won't be invited back. I am merely speculating here, but I would bet they were told to stop violating the guidelines or else, and they chose or else.

I wish them well. I look forward to when they can come back.

That is about all I have to say.

And if they aren't invited back

then (Kat says) its a major loss for the DP.

From what I understand there are just politics and favoritism at play here and its NOT because they violated anything.

But hey...thats okay...because they're both my friends on Facebook and if anyone said "Stephen" or "Thomas" I'd BET they'd both be right there in a second to help.

My other BET is that you wouldn't.

Kat 2 DP 0


And on the subject of SirFelix. Yeah...he might keep a lid on it here, but unless you know him personally don't tout that he's a perfect model of DP reform.

He might look good online and log off to beat his wife, shoot some drugs, kick his dog and abandon his kids.

I don't trust reformists or comformists anyway.

You don't have to be a comformist or reformist ...

to simply act in a manner that you promised to act, when you joined the site.

To act in any other manner, would be an act of dishonesty, and call into question the character issue.

You can be a rabble rouser, just act as you had promised.

That is it.

As far as your asertion that they were arbitrarily banned, again, take that up with management.

I would agree with you that the moderators seem to act in an arbitrary manner.

But ...

of course ...

I do not see what goes on behind the scenes. There may be a method to their madness.

If they've

sworn, taken oath, promised or vowed themselves to the guidelines of Michael Nystrom then that is on them.

I've never had to *click* an 'accept' or 'decline' button to establish that I've read the rules and will obey upon signing up. Therefore, I'm not DP promised and I'll bet that many others are not bound either.

So your use of the word promise is ~off~.


Wisdom my ass, I'm too young to have much of that.

I've been doing the lurking thing, I was here a bit more in force when the "there was no oil spill and the entire thing was a hoax, there never was any oil" fad was going on a half year or so ago.

I don't write as much unless people are saying blatantly idiotic things or there's an election about to go on.

All that being said, glad to be back man, I hope you've been well!

Eric Hoffer

I have absolutely no idea why ...

but I missed your input.

Your original comment inspired thought from within me that I know for a fact, you did not even conceive and of which I cannot codify into words.

A simple, undefined, comment taken within the context of the poster is very powerful.

That is why we all have our roles.

Don't be a stranger.

God Bless.


Without an actual election going on, people have a tendency to mill around and get into really strange discussions. I'm glad to be back too, though I doubt it'll do good things for my daily productivity.

Glad to see rational people are still around!

Eric Hoffer

So how about that actual election issue.

Are you under the impression that a presidential election in the corporate US, is actually "An election by the people"
or an appointment by the board of directors for the corporation ? Exactly who are these electors within the electoral colleges we keep hearing so much about ?

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow