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Does the earth not spin on an axis?

Would this not mean we pass through stuff like radiation that is in the air even if nowhere near where it started? This may be a very dumb question, but it is bothering me.

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of course

(judging by the way you phrased this) but Earth's spin isn't exactly why we get air from elsewhere.

The gases of our atmosphere are tiny particles of mass.

  1. Mass is gravitationally attracted to other mass. This is what makes denser gases stay on Earth and not float off into space nearly as much. This is a reason we have an atmosphere, and why it's more dense at the crust.
  2. Mass likes to keep moving in the direction its moving, what we call inertia.

All the gases that compose our atmosphere come from Earth. They are generally released upwards, but the collisions of all the other gas particles around it (also spinning at the rotation of the Earth) generally keep it rotating in the same frame of reference as Earth.

That is to say, your exhaled breath doesn't careen away from you at the tangential speed of Earth's rotation (only to be replaced by a Russian's breath), it's spinning just as fast as you are.

All that said, a very complex-to-model system of atmospheric air circulation is what may in time move the breath of a Russian to our vicinity. Complex because gases move differently when hot or cold, high or low pressure, opposing systems hit each other and chaotically mix, generally the same metrics the weather stations & satellites watch.

So, again, yes, but not just because Earth spins.

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It's a good question!

The radiation did infect the water around the Nuclear Reactor and it seems logical that since the air we breathe is also parts of water that it can spread even in small amounts around the Earth; that is above the Earth, below the Earth, and under the Earth.

I think that all the facts about the leakage of harmful radiation is being with held from the citizens.

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