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Martin Armstrong free from Prison. New Essay.

This is for people who think conspiracies don't exist. The US government is corrupt to the core.


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for those who look into

for those who look into Martin, Look and see where he says the price of gold is going.


He also said in 2009 that the Dow Jones would go over 20,000 and he saw a rebound in the housing market in 2008. He's clearly very smart and was maliciously prosecuted but I think this mythical idea that Pi can predict the markets was best for Darren Aronofsky.

In the newsletter about gold being 5,000+ Armstrong wrote:

"This has always been the downfall of a GOLD STANDARD whereby the supply cannot be secured to ensure steady economic growth and by default, it will impose DEFLATIONARY economic contractions regarding the growth of society and the economy. It is why GOLD is the hedge against government, but should never be the "official" government standard of money."

and what he wrote is right

and what he wrote is right about gold. Gold is deflationary. There is only so much gold that can be produced inside a certain time restraint. Unlike FED paper that can be created to infinity at the stroke of a computer key. At the dow going over 20,000. he said it will but did not give a time frame. He did not say it would go to 20,000 dow in 2009.


I meant that in 2009 he made the prediction that the Dow would go over 20,000 at some point while predicting gold would hit 5,000.

right.. What Martin is

right.. What Martin is calling for is Hyper Inflation. He is predicting a gold price now over 10,000.00


Holding someone in civil contempt for 7 years without being convicted of anything is a gross abuse of human rights. Reminds me of the hacker Kevin Mitnick who was held for 4 1/2 years in pre-trial "detention".

I can't really believe the Pi-Cycle-Model though, especially because it's based on the Panic of 1907 being a natural event and in general it just seems coincidental following the business cycle of Keynesian economics.

How is he not extremely wealthy from his financial predictions? And is he against the gold standard?

remember in 1907 we are pre

remember in 1907 we are pre FED.


My point was the he took all the financial panics between 1683 and 1907 and divided them by the number of years to come up with his 8.6 year cycle. If the Panic of 1907 was manufactured, how could this be accurate?

Anyway, the New Yorker article was interesting. So the conspiracy is that Republic Bank defrauded the Japanese investors and scapegoated Armstrong? They did pay $600MM to the Japanese and admit that several of their employees committed fraud, none of which went to jail which seems ridiculous.

For anyone unfamiliar with Martin:

'Sometimes The Lunatic Fringe Do Get It Right'

So they put him in jail for

So they put him in jail for creating a very accurate computer that fore casted future trends/prices?

A very important article to read!

Martin Armstrong tells of the corruption of Federal Judges---this is how it's done!

He Should Interview

When he completes his house arrest requirements, Andrew Napolitano should interview him on "Freedom Watch". The country needs to hear about how this man was persecuted by an out of control government.

excellent Idea Tri. I

excellent Idea Tri. I couldn't agree more.

Very good.

Hard to believe... Even more difficult to disbelieve this very smart & earnest man. Thx.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


important posts deserve bumps.


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MSM is a joke

Wow, the more I learn what is going on in this country the more depressed I get. I try to stay up on current events but had never heard of Armstrong's plight. Just finished "Hello World" and want to read more... Guess I'll have time until my copy of "Liberty Defined" arrives. Thanks for posting and thanks to the DP community for being such an educational source of facts and ideas!

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That is good news. I hope he can

recover and find a fulfilling way to use his experiences to improve this country, and to build the life he deserves.

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Thanks Sierra

I always read Armstrong when a new report comes out. I didn't know he was out of jail; I thought they were going to keep him there forever.

Here's a article on his release:


The report was, in a word, depressing. He has not much hope, and I can't say I can blame him after what he's been through. And in the end, I can't say that I disagree with him much, either. The current 'government shutdown showdown' is just a case in point of the politicians fiddling, wasting time.

He's the man.

welcome.. I love this man.

welcome.. I love this man. very smart.