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Government Efficiency: New terror alert system has only two levels: *Elevated* and *Imminent*

Or, be afraid, and be very afraid

From the Boston Globe: WASHINGTON — Terrorism alerts from the government will soon have just two levels of warnings — elevated and imminent — and those will be relayed to the public only under certain circumstances. Color codes are out; Facebook and Twitter will sometimes be in, according to a Homeland Security draft obtained by the Associated Press.

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They keep this up and

folks like me who try to earn a living by "fixin' wurds" will have to find a new craft . . .

and we will be looking anorexic from continual laughter!

Phil. 4:13

That choice of words is still too confusing for

many of our sheeple. I motion that it be changed to:

They're Coming
You're Bleeding


As long as there is a like button for these status updates from the Govt... Im all in.