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We DO have a simple, unifying message!

A nifty four-legged platform:


In my (worthless) opinion, this is still fresh. The campaign waited way too long to solidify & articulate this in '08. After 12on's ouster? Really? It still furifies me!

r3VOLutionaire: "Hey, we've got a platform now, sixty days out from the election!"

Disgruntled Red/Bue Teamer: "Wow, kind of late in the game, and your guy's out of it--but okay! What's the plan?"

r3VOLutionaire: "Vote Nader."

Disgruntled Red/Bue Teamer: "Oh."



Admittedly, I already tossed this into the ring here:

However, in the interest of feedback it seems prudent to extricate it from that pissy li'l catfight. (I certainly don't think much of it.) I'm just hoping the two people that are re-reading it don't mind. I'm merely a reader here(from week one, represent!) but I sense an uptick in disNFOtainers & megaphonies. Plus, if there's an atom of decency left we are on the verge of a declaration by some Dr. Paul(s)and we ought to streamline, not compromise. So I ask ye:

Is "We Agree" the platform in your opinion? Should it be?Let's stir the chili!

I promise not to call you a stupidhead :)

Peace & Carrots

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