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Why can't I find the correct Geiger Counter or Radiation Dosimeter?

You would think these instruments would be readily available....All I am finding is Russian sources...bad reviews...and ebay is a disaster with Russian people advertising with ZERO feedback and selling things that look like old smoke detectors. I want the ones these guys have in their car. The black one on the left looks perfect. I am seeing the one on the right for $900 to $1650 but from Russia. If I am going to invest this type of money...I want it from a good source and as SteveMT has mentioned in other threads...you need one that measures multiple types of radiation. If anybody has any advanced knowledge on this subject, could you help?
Here is the video of two units in action..

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Radiation detection and monitoring is an art, as well as science

I don't know about the units in that video clip. You can get a cheap kit from http://www.goldmine-elec.com/ for $150 that will tell you if things are hot. If you are not familiar with different types of radiation and how to measure, you might as well just get a cheap kit like that which will tell you if you're around significant radiation.

To check food at current standards, or to see if you're food is a few hundred times what current standards are, you need more expensive and sophisticated equipment, and more importantly, how to use it.

My advice is, if you're really afraid, get that cheap kit and leave the subtle, low-level monitoring to experts. Otherwise, prepare to spend around 20-hours for a self-study radiation science crash-course so you'll be able to use more expensive equipment.

I recently subscribed to http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/GeigerCounterEnthusiasts

You'll get lots of good DIY info there, its file section and links.

The black dosimeter on the

The black dosimeter on the left in the video appears to be made or distributed by ShangHai Ergonomics Detecting Instrument Company. Website is at http://www.dp802i.com/ , their English page has more info at http://www.dp802i.com/main2.asp

If you scroll to the bottom of either page you'll see their email address listed. Maybe you can buy direct from them or they can tell you about any USA distributors.


I don't have any advanced

I don't have any advanced knowledge on the subject but am pretty good at tracking things down online...

The yellow dosimeter on the right in the video is made by Ecotest, a Ukrainian company. You might be able to order directly from them via their website order form: http://www.ecotest.ua/index.php?mod=order&lang=en

They have one dealer in the US:

High Tech Supplies, Inc
12601 NW 115th Ave, Bldg.A, Unit 114
Medley, Florida, 33178

Contact person: Oscar Ocando
Phone: +1(305) 822-4077
Fax: +1(305) 489-0289
E-mail: oscar@hightechndt.com
Website: www.hightechndt.com

Also take note that they have several different dosimeter devices: http://www.ecotest.ua/index.php?mod=device&lang=en On eBay it seems that the "-P" version of the Terra dosimeter is being marketed by some as being their "Premium" version, however, I am not so sure that is correct. It looks more to me as the "-P" indicates personal / household use. You can see that mentioned on the product page on the website. Also, I was on a Ukrainian merchant's website where the Terra model was $750 and the Terra-P was $650 ($550 if you don't need it in English). The newest version of the Terra includes a bluetooth PC connection.

Anyhow, maybe the US dealer will be able to help you out.