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Mitt Romney on The Kudlow Report 4/12/11: "I'm Not Going To Focus On The Fed"

Romney talking about his non-focus on 2012 race:


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Romney's business life

Romney's business at Bain was to put together large M&A deals that would involve lots of shareholder transactions on the stock market and high levels of corporate finance. Leveraged buyouts and such. His wealth was based on our banking system largely.


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Good point. Romney got rich from playing fraudulent money game.

So, do people want someone that knows how to defraud people with counterfeit money, or someone that knows how to keep things fair and honest with sound money?

If Romney is the Nominee...

If Romney becomes the nominee, it means we have failed Ron Paul in the Primary.

Now I know we can't force people to vote, but this election is critical for the future of our families and America as a whole.

We all must avoid the possibility of an unacceptable Republican nominee for November.

Can u say Romneycare?

Romneycare was the template for Obamacare. Puhleeze!

There are several schools of thought re: Romneycare

One, that this makes him the "father of Obamacare", second, that he instituted it and made it a state issue, rather than wait for the federal government to act.

I do not know whether or not in actuality "Romneycare" has helped or hurt since I don't live in that state.

Don't get me wrong, but I see no correlation between Romney and Obamacare. Clearly Obama's camp is trying to launch a pre-emptive strike on Romney.

Just remember this... Romney runs, Obama wins.

you don't need to live in the

you don't need to live in the state to recognize the price inflation of medical costs in massachussetts vs. other states without a similar plan. the similarity between romney's and obama's plan is the mandate to buy it. i'm not sure any manipulation of words could lead to calling any opinion otherwise a "school of thought".

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I live in Mass and buy Individual insurance

Five years ago, when it started, my rate for my family was $1,560 per month (about $19,000 per year)

I switched to Blue Cross' CHEAPEST plan which had a $10K deductible. It was $750 / month.

Rates are negotiated between the state senate and the insurance providers behind closed doors.

Rates go up 12-17% per year.

That same cheapest plan is now around $1,300 per month. About $15,000 per year. About a 75% increase in five years.

I've been too chicken to test out the 'no preexisting condition' clause and just go on paying the penalty. We're having a baby in a few weeks so I not in a favorable position for civil disobedience.

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Do you have enough

in your personal savings to switch to an HSA?

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The lowest premiums for Mass

Unless I'm mistaken, there is no high deductible insurance in MA. I just did a search and the only HSA compatible insurance plan premiums are $1248 and $1,418 per month respectively.

I'd love to get a high deductible insurance plan (say $25,000 deductible) and then consider the HSA or not. I don't think it is legal/available under Romneycare.

Maybe when the nationalize healthcare come 2014 this will be available? It would be interesting if the national plan is less draconian than the Romney MA plan.

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the man simply has no knowledge--

or, if he has knowledge, it is not correct.

He is a politician, not a constitutionalist. And, yes, as a "Rockefeller Republican" of course he is socialistic!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


"I don't know anything about the Federal Reserve. Can we move to another subject?"

-Mitt Romney

Or, "My company was bailed out by the Fed."

"The Fed is invaluable."

And the Republicans will vote for him all day long

Because they're just stupid as a box of rocks. Mitt Romney is such a good politician that people will call him whatever he brands himself and then keep silent when he acts how they already know he will. Being stupid is every Americans best talent--but we deny it because we think it just started or somehow missed us. Newsflash: It didn't skip you or me; we are all so dumb it almost hurts.

first of all, i disagree with

first of all, i disagree with everything mitt romney said, including what he thinks is "the president's job". second, if things like this are not circulated widely(including info on his obama style mass. health care mandate), this guy could be your next president.

Don't forget about his "double Guantanamo"

statement during the debates last time. He'd be a Bush/Obama double.

Kudlow: What do you think of Bernanke?

Romney: "I think that Ben Bernenke is doing the best job that I believe he believes he thinks he can do with what I believe he believes he has to work with which is what he believes he has to do with what I believe he is doing which is as good a job as he thinks he can do - I believe."

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Plastic man

Just confirms, four years do not convert plastic into gold. The gold is of course Dr. Ron Paul.

If this is the best that GOP

If this is the best that GOP is promoting and installing then perhaps all the independents need to form a coalition third party to run against the "dempubs". Is it doable? financially? enough candidates to run in each state? media coverage? (oops forget msm media coverage) ...networking to American voters??? experience should they win???? a plan???


If Ron Paul loses the GOP primary then Rand should run as an independant.

wonder if he consulted his

wonder if he consulted his attorneys before he went on this show?

Ha! I remember that.


"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

I think we ought to be loyal to the Constitution not to people

like Willard Romney. This man is very, very ambitious and a dangerous threat to the Republic. Most of the candidates running for president are so very ambitious that they would literally sell their parents into slavery for the job.

Well. . . . .


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Bad Joke

"America is not as competitive as we need to be globally, and that's the responsibility of the president."

Translation: "American citizens need to focus more of their energy on maintaining loyalty to their nation -- that is currently seeking desperately to maintain its prominent position in world affairs, subduing the Arabs, and brandishing its military relevance before the U.N. and B.R.I.C.S., while striving to conceive of new ways to remove the need for concerns over the prosperity of domestic business and individual responsibility in community well-being -- and maintain total faith in the elected ruler they have chosen to accomplish this task."

I'm going to be unfair, and you're going to want to stop reading. But I can only guess that most Americans are too mentally deficient to absorb the long version. It's too wordy, right? Why waste the effort? Hey, don't feel bad America. An inundation of movies and television has a way of doing that to you. Obama has been branded a bad apple, right? We're through with having a Democrat in office, right? People like Romney, right? He's a famous politician, right? We can trust him, right?

Here, I'm not done with the soap box yet:

Isn't DONALD TRUMP going to run, too? Doesn't he have stacks of Bibles? Doesn't he go to church? Doesn't he hate the Koran "that caused us to have to fight so many wars in the Middle East?" (Here's some obvious facts you might not know: Arabs wouldn't hate us if we'd just leave them alone and drill our own damn oil. But the U.N. says nature has the same rights as people, and since I guess we're too ignorant to drill for oil without wrecking things ... ) But, doesn't Trump have gobs of money? Isn't he the man of business we need to push America's prominence in the global economy? Isn't he the exact of opposite of Obama, who now wants the upper class to pay more taxes? Won't he fight for the maxim of "CAPITALISM! CAPITALISM!" that so many intellectual Americans will take away from the upcoming Atlas Shrugged release?

(Why the hell does he have banner-ad space on DP.com, anyway?? That's about as bad as Obama and Gaddafi's "on again, off again" relationships!)

Look, I'm pissed but I'm not just venting. I'm not trying to incite Libertarians into acting like deranged outsiders either (the majority of voters already consider Paul supporters that anyway. Believe me, I am sick to death of people making us feel like we're robots marching to the beat of some piper.) But Ron Paul needs to announce right now. I hate politics, I hate our government. I have never stuck my neck out for any politician, ever. I've only voted once in my whole life, and then we got four more years of Bush. But I will stand up for Paul now. Don't judge me -- the office of president has been beyond the control of my vote since before I was born. After years of studying literature and philosophy, only concerning myself with the spiritual kingdom of mind, I thought a change needed come in 2004 through my outspokenness and vote. I began hating the government during the Bush administration. I saw the insidious changes occurring in our society, many that I'm sure intelligent Germans saw just before World War II. But that optimism proved pointless! I discovered then that in American politics, might makes right. To them, Bastiat was a crank. Freedom means what they say it means, period. Preaching "God and Christian" doesn't mean meekness, forgiveness and love for your neighbor, it means: "Look at the demographic I've landed votes from!" Now, how many of you are ready for your mark?

To those who are reading this, who have more means than I do, and perhaps that's you: an official, serious and pleading petition needs to be brought before Ron Paul requesting him to run ASAP. For us. For US.

Does that sound crankish?!

of...of...of... a...a...a...



he stutters like my drunk roommate.

I can't wait til he shows up in my town. He will get dissed

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You don't call Romney as...

Multiple-Choice Mitt for nothing....

The president's job is to put people to work?

The president's job is to put people to work? Who the hell does this tyrannical madman think he is?!

America is not competitive because of high taxes, because of anti-business laws, because of THE FED, you stupid mitt-wit!

Someone needs to read this a**hole the 13th amendment!

real issues

real issues are in the dialogue now and Mitt simply is going to look like he does here. He simply doesn't even come close to answering the question and it is obvious. I think that the pres debates with Mitt are going to be funny. Watching him answer questions about the debt and social security. He is a bad actor and he is going to look like the joke that he really is. He will be the token Republican establishment candidate that they want to compete against Barry Obama, so that Obama will win again and do whatever he is told. Hopefully we can get a real candidate in there that has a real chance of winning. I think that Rand Paul could win. He has developed a manner now that mainstream Republicans could back and many independents would like because of his facts and his honesty. He also knows how to work on common ground with others and of course his major, major shots at Obama for lack of leadership. Rand and his staff put together a complete federal budget! Now that is leadership coming from the young senator. Very entertaining Mitt vid. Got off track there a little bit ...

bookmark this one

I don't have time tonight...but someone take just the clip out where he is asked about auditing the Fed. - I would leave out the question about abolishing the Fed - that won't translate for the general public...but this is important:


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That's alright I-mitt-ator...

We know you know who owns you.

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