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Bob Chapman: Soaring Gold and Silver Prices Amidst Inflationary Pressures


Neither government nor anyone is smarter than the markets. As they say the trend is your friend. All you have to do is get on for the ride. It’s really as simple as that. The trick is picking the trend. We were fortunate enough to pick gold and silver in June of 2000. We went long and stayed long all those years only occasionally making a trade. Every time there was a correction we recommended further purchases.

It has been unfortunate that the US government, other central banks, including the Federal Reserve, chose to attempt to manipulate those markets. They did retard the progress of these two metals and they are still doing so, but in the end they will fail, because the markets are far bigger than they are and the collective wisdom of investors will always triumph over the narrow desires of petty elitists.

There certainly are two sides to every market. On one side you have the vested interests, who generally do not really understand the functions of gold and silver historically, they’ll never understand and don’t really care to understand. This might be called the establishment viewpoint. In fact the entrenchment is so deep that people who believe in gold and silver are scorned and some brokerage houses won’t even allow trades in gold and silver shares, coins and bullion. We ran into this problem as long ago as the early 1960s. In fact it forced us to become a principal of a firm as long ago as 1968. The rise of gold and silver threatens the status quo. If you see the values of gold and silver you threaten the fiat system and how it fleeces the investors.


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excellent post.

excellent post.

mmm hmmmm...

...I see...oh those poor sheeple who are stuck in paper!

$8000/ounce gold = $500/ounce silver

Judas sold out Jesus for 30 pcs of silver; that wasn't two weeks pay ... silver has always been VALUABLE money; that is why it was called the CRIME of '73 ...

If we cannot get Ron Paul elected to the White House, and Liberty-minded patriotic candidates like him installed in representative government at the ballot box in 2012 in order to really right this nation's ship, we may just inherit these seats of government by default eventually...because we will be the holders of REAL money when the SHTF.

(apparently Bob read the front page story in the Wall Street Journal yesterday about the Fed's determination to do nothing denying inflation really exists - gas prices have gone from $3.93 to $4.16 where I am at since March 26th)

BINGO! over on the

BINGO! over on the takeactions most excellent gold and silver thread, you see people in there talking about people panicing out of their positions or being nervous. This is exactly what the elite want.
They can not have the common man have any gold or silver. He who owns the gold makes the rules. So what we are starting to see it.. "oh silver is going to crash" yadda yadda yadda and people get scared out of their positions.. Buying ounces of gold and silver is the best way to kill off socialism.