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Man shoots dog gets arrested, what should he have done different?


CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- A homeowner admits to shooting his neighbor's dog with a BB gun and told Channel 2 he’d do it again

Robert Hohenberger told Channel 2’s Tom Jones that he became fed up with dogs relieving themselves in his yard.

“I hit him in the butt with a BB gun,” Hohenberger said.

Clayton County police arrested the 64-year-old man and charged him with animal cruelty.

Hohenberger said he has tried everything to keep his neighbor's dogs from pooping in his yard at the Clayton Village mobile home park.

Hohenberger said he has even thrown pine cones at them.

When that didn't work, he took out a BB gun and shot a Chihuahua named Casey, Hohenberger said. That got him tossed in jail.

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He should never

have admitted it.

thats what I thought

I wonder if he should have told the officer to get off his property if he doesnt have a warrent.