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GREAT new Ron Paul 2012 - Debate Day moneybomb video by Gage!

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Great Video...though I really like the music in the last one.

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seems like the Revolution is being a bit reserved. Hope that will all change after Ron makes his highly anticipated announcement. Would be great to have another record breaking money bomb right out of the gates.

RP 2012

That was a pretty good video.

The author chose a lot of important Ron Paul sound bites, the background music fit the piece, and the whole video flowed very nicely.

The only complaint that I have is that the audio, seemed to be somewhat overdriven and clipped.

Nice video, nonetheless, thanks for posting, because it paints Dr. Paul in a good light.

please bump if you like

don't just vote. It got 3 votes, but fell off the page, and I think people would like to see it!

I liked it, anyhow!

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