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Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray arrested for protesting 'taxation without representation'


...Gray said in a statement Saturday after the deal was announced that he was "angry and terribly disappointed that the District of Columbia suffered collateral damage amidst partisan bickering."

He held up a paper bill Monday before more than 150 fellow protesters and said, "The city should be able to spend its own money."

"If this isn't taxation without representation, I don't know what is," the mayor said. He and Council members, dressed in business attire, sat down in the street outside a Senate office building. U.S. Capitol Police arrested them, cuffing their hands behind them with plastic loops, and loaded them into police wagons to cheers from the crowd.

They were cited for blocking the street with an unlawful assembly, a misdemeanor that can be resolved by paying a $50 fine.

Gray became the second D.C. mayor to go to jail while advocating for home rule. Sharon Pratt Kelly was arrested during a statehood protest in August 1993...


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