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Quit scratching...

No, it is not a speck of food on your monitor, or a piece of spittle from a previous LOL. It is "the thread with no name".
A thread SO controversial that it must be represented by a dot, as to not anger the coincidence theorists, and the RP purists.
Only the observant ones who squint and look deeply, will find it. So...Congratulations. Welcome to the secret room.

How's that for ya Ryan?

Disclaimer: There are no theories posed by me. I am simply noting the date these cards were created, and the striking "coincidence" of events currently taking place.

There is a guy here in Austin, Texas named Steve Jackson. In 1995 he created "The Illuminati" card game. He has apparently been making these cards since the early 80's.

On these cards were events that had not happened yet, and some that are happening today. The cards are one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen.

Here are some examples:
Oil Spills
Nuclear Disasters
Tidal waves
Weather Modification
The Federal Reserve
Earthquake Projectors
Martial Law
Emergency Powers
Currency Speculation
Dittoheads (Rush Limbaugh anyone?)

The list goes on and on...

Here is Jason Bermas talking about some of the cards.

This guy is a mystery (to me). I have never seen his picture. (Edit: I have now)
Never seen him around, or in the news.

He was supposedly raided by the Secrt Srvice in 1990.

Here is the deck of cards. Look at the 3rd one with the guy who is the "Agent in Place", and tell me who he resembles. There is another card that is called "Conspiracy Theorist", which reminded me of Glenn Beck.

Once again, I pose no theories here.

These cards ALMOST seem prophetic.
Be sure to look at all of them from A-Z, and let me know what you think.

This shows them in a different format.

Here is the story about the scrt srvce raid.

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Went and checked out the Geek site!!

I was wierded out when I got to the bottom of the web page and it said Hi Magicmann would you like to leave a comment? I have never been to the site before and was wierded out that they new who I was.


There's a photo of Steve Jackson on his Wikipedia page. So don't you think you've jumped to some conclusions?

http://bit.ly/114CzK (Wikipedia)

There is no Illuminati today and if there was, they'd be ideologically aligned to Ron Paul not globalists.

We are fighting ideas which are very public, not sinister supervillains. I think it's dangerous to promote such ideas. It's not healthy for an individual to think that way and it's not constructive to the Liberty Movement.

Money, power & stupidity are what drive the world, not the occult and talented dis-information agents.

I've never seen any proof of a sinister group with evil intentions aside from John Kenneth Galbraith claiming the Report from Iron Mountain was true (though it is satire). All the globalists & collectivists legitimately think what they do is for the good of society. Sure there are evil people out there but they are not in control of everything.

Coincidences happen. Don't lose reason & logic.


Don't you think it is strange a nobody like Jackson HAS a Wikipedia page ?

I have been thinking

about your statement.

"There is no Illuminati today and if there was, they'd be ideologically aligned to Ron Paul not globalists."

The Illuminati are the globalists and I think that their ideologically is aligned with "The Economic Hitman."

They destroy governments and then come in and buy up all the resources and land. The people of these countries are then forced to pay rent to the private corporations for services and housing that used to be provided by themselves or by their governments.

There is no competition as large corporations detest competition. There are no free markets, no human rights or freedom, only Corporate Fascism lead by individuals with a sense of entitlement. To achieve their goals they push people to revolution with calls for Liberty but in the end it is replaced with a more tyrannical puppet government.

Reason, logic and the demise of several countries taken down in precisely the same manner leads me to believe it is NOT by coincident. IMO

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Thomas Jefferson supported the Illuminati's philosophy

http://1.usa.gov/hGuGTJ (Library of Congress)

Jefferson and members of his Republican Party (now the Democrat Party) were both labeled Jacobins which is associated with the Bavarian Illuminati.

There are no historical documents or facts that link the Bavarian Illuminati with modern day corporate fascism. They were libertarians not collectivists. They helped overthrow the monarchy and end feudalism.


and governments are all vulnerable to corruption and infiltration. We could both be wrong and/or right but I am sure we are both equally working for Liberty for the common man and woman.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Steve Jackson Games

They publish a lot of well known (within gaming circles) games, including the Generic Universal Role Playing System (GURPS), Car Wars, Toon, Ogre, and a variety of others. They are mostly tongue in cheek and a lot of fun, but I wouldn't be looking to any of them (including Illuminati) for predictions of the future. I think what we have here is a case of "truth is stranger than fiction." Illuminati is a blast to play, however and I would highly recommend it. Just don't take it too seriously.

Illuminati Card Game Facebook Page





Are you aware that the Secret Service raid of Steve Jackson Games led to the formation of the EFF? The EFF is the greatest defender of Internet freedom against government & corporate infringement of digital rights.

Ever heard of the Illuminatus Trilogy? This is satire.

Steve Jackson is well known in hacker circles.

Conspiracy theories are not new. They were popular on BBSes in the 80s and early 90s (see http://www.textfiles.com/conspiracy/). I cannot understand how someone would believe this is evidence of anything. It is interesting, funny and coincidental in some ways but nothing more than that.

If this guy

is just some harmless game creator, then why would the SS have any interest in him? Why would they raid his office?

I'll grant you the WTC's and the BATFE with the fires in the background as those events happened before his "game" came out.

But that doesn't explain the Pentagon, and about a dozen other "coincidences" that have happened, and are happening now.

I would love to interview, or even just see an interview with this guy, to get a better understanding of him.

I heard AJ talking on his show the other day about the many times they have tried to contact him for an interview, and were ignored.

I would like to know why the SS raided his office.

OT - Now you've got me geeking out!

I haven't played Ogre in over 25 years! Back then everything was on thin paper that fit in a pocket sized case. The new one looks awesome.

Look at his entire volume of work

If you look to his Illuminati game for insight, look also to the Toon RPG or Munchkin. He has produced a great many more games than Illuminati. Sometimes, things really are what they appear to be.


Because he ran a BBS which published Phrack which published a stolen document from BellSouth about the 911 system. The idiot government agents thought hackers could use the document to compromise the 911 system. However, the claim was false because it was a non-technical document.

Which is why the EFF came into existence to defend the digital rights of individuals against ignorant government agents & corporations.

A better question, why can't you GOOGLE this information yourself before posting your theories on DailyPaul?

I suppose the guy probably doesn't want to be on the radio with Alex Jones.

In the early 90s especially, the New World Order theories were very popular. Example, Pat Robertson published his book, "The New World Order", in 1991. None of this stuff is new.


a bit touchy aren't you?

I'm simply asking questions, and you're right, I should have Googled a little more, before I asked some of these questions.

I haven't posted any "theories". I have simply made observations about the card game and current events.

I don't recall stating that SJ was some sort of Illuminati agent, or that he knew about and was behind any of the events taking place. Is calling it "intriguing" a theory?

You're the one squawking on about how it is all coincidence, and that Govt. is basically "stupid", and could not pull anything off to save their life. Wouldn't that be considered a "theory"? What makes your theories more allowable than mine?
BTW, I'm not the one marking your comments with a -1. I will state my dissatisfaction plainly for all to see.

how's this help the Liberty Movement?

This is the most popular Ron Paul site? We're supposed to be intellectual and fans of reason right? It's sad and annoying to see this site flooded with unthoughtful speculation. At least try to give a good argument.

You did imply there was more to who he was and asked if he was exposing secret knowledge.

Your theories have no facts and hurt the Liberty Movement. You really think it's reasonable to believe some secret group put their diabolical plan out in public via a card game? There are valid questions about 9/11 based on facts and I think a new investigation is needed but what you are suggesting is best left for David Icke.

I didn't mean

to infer that it was evidence of anything.

I simply found it fascinating, that the events on many of these cards have happened after the fact, and are happening today.

The amount of "coincidence" is astounding IMO.

Steve Jackson sounds like a made up name. I am not a hacker, and don't know who he is. I would appreciate some enlightenment, rather than scorn.

Let me ask you this. If he is well known in certain "hacker circles", could it be possible that he stumbled onto some sort of knowledge that he might have been trying to expose?

I'm simply curious. I'm not jumping to any conclusions other than the subject is intriguing given the nature of current events.

My frustration is that I'm

My frustration is that I'm interested in some of these esoteric topics but I want people to be skeptical and objective. I like the Bavarian Illuminati for philosophical reasons (as did Thomas Jefferson) but it's all lost and diluted in the endless conjecture and fiction.

According to the Wiki article-

It says Steve Jackson started designing the first game in 1981 after discussing Illuminatus Trilogy and then later researching the Illuminati & conspiracy theories. But it was all just a joke and a spoof.

I think (not certain) that the Illuminati: New World Order game with the WTC photo came out in 1994 after the WTC93 bombing which doesn't make it that unusual.

The SS raid led to the EFF's creation, check out what they've done-

"Conjecture and fiction"

may not necessarily be what you think, and "skeptical and objective" might not be, either.

For example, let's say I killed some guy in the woods and was never seen doing it. Another guy who had an axe to grind swore to seeing somebody else do it. That patsy was framed and executed, and history shows he did it, as far as anyone knew.
Is that what actually happened? Nope.
It's what "history thinks happened".
"Objective" people think believing that is prudent. But it might very well be lies, especially considering that powerful forces act to conceal and cover what they do.

Nothing is absolutely reliable, or necessarily as "objective study" might conclude. "Objective facts" are often lies, particularly any time people are involved, and especially when people with power are involved.

one things doesn't equal everything

It's one thing to consider that we were lied to about the JFK assassination in context with the evidence. It's an entirely different thing to suggest that we are lied to about everything. That everything is planned and controlled by evil globalists. There's NO evidence of that and it defies simple logic.

If you are into that stuff, there's a David Icke forum.

Good question and

heard about these cards before and was looking for them to see if there are any other predictions in them we should know about.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Are you joking?

Are you joking?


Alot to look through. But looks facinating.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain