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A Policy Chasing Its Tail

A Policy Chasing Its Tail
Eternal recurrence in US foreign policy

by Justin Raimondo

Remember how we were supposed to leave Iraq in 2011? Indeed, a great many people think we’ve already left, what with that official “withdrawal” announced by the Obama administration and its media amen corner in August of last year. Recall that MSNBC breathlessly reported the “end of the US mission” and even interviewed what was purported to be the last US fighting brigade on its way out of the country. Of course it was all just public relations theater: the 50,000-plus troops still there were simply redefined as “non-combat” troops – a linguistic fig leaf for a logical impossibility.

And now, we have Defense Secretary Robert Gates and the Pentagon hinting very strongly that we’ve changed our minds and aren’t leaving after all. The Iraqis aren’t too happy about this, with some of them going out into the streets and demanding the US live up to its agreement and go already.

Obama’s much-heralded withdrawal announcement was, in short, a lie, one promulgated with the full knowledge and cooperation of Ms. Administration Shill Maddow and MSNBC “News.” For some reason, I doubt they’ll be “reporting” on this sudden reversal, since there are, after all, more important things happening in the world – like the unmitigated evil of those nasty old Republicans, who insist on cutting the budget because we’re, you know, bankrupt.

Oh, but never mind that – that’s old news! Here’s some new old news: the Egyptians are back in Tahrir Square, and the sainted Egyptian army is shooting at them. Not only that, but they’re arresting bloggers again – this time for failing to show sufficient respect for the armed forces. And it looks like the Libyan rebels are again on the defensive, with Gadhafi’s forces on the road to Benghazi and due to arrive at the city gates any minute….

All of which leads me to fear Nietzsche was right: that we do, indeed, live in a nightmare world of eternal recurrence, a universe where US troops are always “withdrawing” from Iraq, only to change course at the last moment. Where the Egyptian military invades Tahrir in perpetuity, and repeatedly drags bloggers away in chains. Where the Libyan rebels are in jeopardy unending, always on the cusp of defeat – and the US and its allies are permanently poised to plant boots on the ground to save them from certain annihilation.

Which means the neocons will be eternally calling for a US invasion of somewhere-or-other – and that there will always be neocons. This last is bad news indeed: it’s like a cancer diagnosis, except there’s no relief in the form of death. Just pain that goes on … forever.

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