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Fort Collins clinic warns that some kids got flu shots with shared needles


Is it "conspiracy theory" to read a MAINSTREAM news article about such madness and not trust the religion-of-vaccination with all my heart-and-soul like expected?

Fort Collins clinic warns that some kids got flu shots with shared needles


A clinic in northern Colorado is advising parents of children who received a pediatric flu shot from its offices to get tested for some blood-borne diseases, including HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, after vaccine syringes were shared between patients, 9News reported.

Med Peds Clinic of Fort Collins sent out a letter April 6 stating that a medical assistant at the office took the pre-measured children's influenza vaccine and gave only half to each child, assuming it was the adult dosage.

The clinic said some of the half- used vaccines were then used inadvertently on children returning for their second shots.

Denver Post staff and wire reports

Read the full story and watch video at 9News.com



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Did you get your flu shot?

Did you get someone else shot? WTFO.

You can see your doctor for almost anything and they will probably ask you if you got your flu shot?

Excuse me

You have go to be kidding, this cannot be for real.

This is one of the most stupidest things I have ever read and wish I did not read it lol

These people should have their licences revoked and the Doctor in charge should be sent to some hearings on this.

What the heck is going on here?

How could someone with any brains even consider this? I could picture this at some production facility or in China.


People should file civil

People should file civil suits.

More "mistakes"


Thousands get revaccinated after shots spoil - - Poor refrigeration causes hundreds of thousands doses to go bad, CDC says



Health scare for 260 patients after vaccine fridge blunder


Health scare for 260 patients after vaccine fridge blunder - A RURAL medical practice in Scotland is at the centre of a vaccination alert following the discovery that potentially life-saving drugs may have been stored at the wrong temperature for up to nine months.



I recently bought an

I recently bought an Intelliroute 710 GPS from Rand McNally that has some sort of "battery glitch."

I thought we'd perfected batteries ten years ago with rechargeable NiMH cells, but I guess not.

It comes as no surprise that suddenly we can't get refrigerators to work either.


This should be added to that other thread that lists all the other lame-brained vaccine mistakes that are compiled together. It is truly astounding how many completely stupid and dangerous "mistakes" took place with children's jabs.

Come on, you use half and you don't throw out the remainder? It is protocol to put all sharps immediately in the sharp hazard container. There is absolutely no legitimate reason not to.

Nothing more can be added to that thread


It's an old thread that the Daily Paul more-less archived and can't be touched any longer.

I'm very glad it wasn't deleted though.




Thanks for reminding me about that thread.


Now I need to find it again.

Here it is:

Compilation of Mistaken H1N1 Vaccinations to Children Who Had Exemptions





Thanks for posting the link.

Thanks for posting the link. It kind of tells a bigger story with so many errors and casualties.

Sort of defeats the purpose

Sort of defeats the purpose of a vaccine if you're going to give them with dirty needles, no?

Sometimes people do stupid

Sometimes people do stupid things, but that's what the courts are for.

Maybe so,

but what I would like to know is how many of these kids might have been spared a potentially dangerous flu shot in the first place, if a yearly flu shot was not included on the federally mandated vaccination list.

That is the responsibility of

That is the responsibility of the parents; they are the ones who choose to send their children to socialized schools.

No, it isn't

Only a statist would defend the existence of a federally mandated vaccination schedule.

It is federally mandated if

It is federally mandated if you send your children to a public school.

The implication here is that one should not raise children in the states.

My point is

it ought not to be federally mandated at all. Let the states decide whether or not they want state mandates. I'm also in favor of abolishing the Dept. of Education.

Let individuals and parents

Let individuals and parents decide what they will allow states and institutions put in their and their children's bodies.

My preference

would be no mandates on any level, but that might not be realistic considering how many people believe in the vaccination religion. That's why vaccine exemptions are so necessary.

Agreed. Socialized education

Agreed. Socialized education is not only harmful to the children affected, it is immoral to force society at large to take on responsibilities created by individuals.




That was what the reporter said at the end of the video !!!!!

This world has gone completely insane !!!!




An additional news story with video


Children told to be tested for HIV after flu vaccines reused





Can you imagine if your child

Can you imagine if your child contracted a serious or deadly condition like aids or hep C in order to attempt to avoid the seasonal flu? I wouldn't be surprised if some of these parents go postal.

Everytime I've been given a

Everytime I've been given a shot, vaccine, or even novocaine from the dentist, they brought in a syringe that was sealed in packaging. The usual medical protocol is not to open the packaging on these syringes until immediately before use, to prevent contamination.

Do the parents just happen to not notice this stuff, or were they too busy texting electronic starbucks coupons to their facebook friends?


Thanks for posting.

You're welcome


It's the least I can do to keep fresh in all our minds the modern-atrocity known as vaccination.

It's insane and criminal at multiple levels.