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Judge Napolitano: "When it comes to war, there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats; Both parties are power hungry

If not Ron Paul. Judge Napolitano would make a fine president.


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Anyone catch the Judge introducing Bill Kristol last night?

He said, prior to Freedom Watch, something to the effect that 'Kristol is going to welcome Obama to the war-mongering, constitution-trampling, neocon club-house'!

He's so polite, too polite to the Kristol's and the Linsdy Grahms. Perhaps that's why he's doing Beck's show, and Beck isn't.

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The Judge never compromises his principled beliefs, BUT

he has that BROADMINDEDness that just about captures all lost and blinded kids in town.

I, too, wish to see Paul + Judge Nap ticket.

Do Congressmen not believe

Do Congressmen not believe what Judge says? Did they not swear an oath? Why did they not come back and initiate immediate impeachment proceedings? This should have been domestic "war". Our checks and balances GONE in a flash. NOT with a bang, and nary even a whimper.